British Boxing P4P Rankings February 2014

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December 13, 2010

Updated 25th February 2014

These Pound for Pound rankings are compiled by and are our interpretation of the current Top 60 active boxers in the UK. Based on achievements, level boxers have been campaigning at, level of opposition, record and recent activity.

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1Carl FrochSuper-Middleweight
2Ricky BurnsLightweight
3Scott QuiggSuper-Bantamweight
4George Groves Super-Middleweight
5Amir Khan Light-Welterweight
6Kell BrookWelterweight
7Tyson Fury Heavyweight
8Carl Frampton Super-Bantamweight
9Lee SelbyFeatherweight
10Nathan CleverlyLight-heavyweight
11Lee HaskinsBantamweight
12Jamie McDonnell Bantamweight
13Stuart HallBantamweight
14Paul Butler Super-Flyweight
15James DeGaleSuper-Middleweight
16Frankie Gavin Welterweight
17Dereck ChisoraHeavyweight
18Ola AfolabiCruiserweight
19Martin MurrayMiddleweight
20Tony BellewLight-Heavyweight
21Matthew MacklinMiddleweight
22Billy Joe SaundersMiddleweight
23Brian RoseLight-Middleweight
24Liam SmithLight-Middleweight
25Anthony CrollaLightweight
26Paul SmithSuper-Middleweight
27Stephen SmithFeatherweight
28Liam WalshLightweight
29Kevin Satchell Flyweight
30Jon-Lewis DickinsonCruiserweight
31Kevin MitchellLightweight
32John MurrayLightweight
33Terry FlanaganLightweight
34Gary Buckland Super-Featherweight
35Gary SykesSuper-Featherweight
36Gavin ReesLightweight
37Martin GethinLightweight
38Rocky FieldingSuper-Middleweight
39Tommy Coyle Lightweight
40Junior WitterWelterweight
41Kid GalahadSuper-Bantamweight
42David Price Heavyweight
43Bob AjisafeLight-Heavyweight
44Enzo Maccarinellilight-heavyweight
45Brian Magee Super-Middleweight
46Curtis Woodhouselight-welterweight
47Darren HamiltonLight-Welterweight
48Ashley TheophaneLight-Welterweight
49Derry MathewsLightweight
50Callum SmithSuper-middleweight
51Denton VassellWelterweight
52Bradley SkeeteWelterweight
53 Willie LimondLight-Welterweight
54John RyderMiddleweight
55Kal YafaiBantamweight
56Colin LynesWelterweight
57Lee PurdyWelterweight
58Ovill McKenzieLight-Heavyweight
59Rick GoddingLight-Middleweight
60Joe SelkirkLight-Middleweight

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  • Anonymous

    Not sure how Bellew can be so high..or even in the top 10

  • Anonymous

    Surely Rob turley who has had to fight his way up the rankings and just won the Celtic Title by totally destroying Gavin Reid. Also took Frampton all the way with just eleven days training. If he had the correct notice he would be capable of beating anyone.

  • Anonymous

    I agree totally why hasnt he been recognised as Celtic Champion in the ratings, It still shows frampton as Commonwealth , and Celtic Champion when Robbie Turley beat Gavin Reid so convincingly with a great stoppage victory to claim this Title??

  • Anonymous

    What about Sheffields steel man Adam Etches? Not had many pro fights but watch out for him!!!

  • Anonymous

    Would be interesting to see where david haye would fit in there at the moment, really think he’s gona badly hurt chisora in 2 weeks

  • Anonymous

    Stuie hall holder of a Lonsdale belt

  • Anonymous

    I think Ricky Burns should be pound be pound number 1. After his demolition of Mitchell, no one is near him.

    Amir Khan should not even be in the top 10. In my opinion you should retire, your washed up.

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