canhayeFollowing the call off on the Haye Fury fight because of a cut above Haye’s left eye in a sparring accident, Fury’s side have called off the fight completely and are not willing to reschedule.

Peter Fury said “We are not waiting on pathetic games. Wasted 10 weeks already on this crap. If you want to pull a fight of this size so close then only a cut will do???”

“We move on from Haye now and look for better things, its up to the public on what they perceive has took place here, but we want genuine fights. This has put a bad taste in our mouths, so were moving on, and the fight will not be rescheduled on our side.”

Fury’s promoter told  Telegraph Sport. “Tyson would not have been sparring a week from the event, so close to the fight. We wouldn’t have taken the risk. If he was sparring without a headguard, that is beyond belief at this stage. That wouldn’t have happened with Tyson”.

There will be a lot of important questions to answer from this unfortunate accident. What will happen with the undercard contest fights  involving Scott Quigg vs Yoandris Solis for the currently vacant World Boxing Association super bantamweight crown, and Andy Lee vs Domenico Spada World Boxing Council silver middleweight title fight?

Does this push the hopes of a fight for the would be winner with Wladimir Klitschko even further out of reach… , and what about all the fans that paid over the odds to get hold of a ticket which can now only be refunded at face value!

Tyson said at the start “there’s not a fight until David Haye gets in the ring ..” is this what he was referring too.. Have your say… Comment below..

  • mike

    Haye is a punk who has pulled this numerous times before. Wladimir Klitschko lost a year of his boxing life only to have Haye pull out of their fight forcing Klitschko to fight Chagaev. I hope the Furys don’t give Haye a fight and Klitschko won’t want to either. Not because either one can’t beat him, but because this Haye is a complete dick. Let him fight his way up the heavyweight ranks. Why is he ranked as high as he is? Beating Chisora? Running from Wladimir for 12 rounds? Let him fight the lower ranked heavyweights.

  • knuckler

    lol i told you all what haye would do another excuse like with klitchko, and char not his shoulder or his toe this time thou its his eye well its saved him from fury ko ing him hayes a joke he doesnt need to go into films he needs to go into comedy lmfao

  • Lee


    Why are you wearing white towelling socks with a suit and brogues

    Why nor rearrange it’s quicker and easier than to find a new opponent surely ??

    Change the socks mate ill sponsor some for you if you like ?