As Chris Eubank celebrates his 49th birthday today, let’s take a look back at what is probably his most famed victory. 

Nigel Benn, “The Dark Destroyer” presented the complete antithesis of the pretentiously refined Eubank. The archetypal ” Blue collar” champion to Eubank’s aristocratic veneer of eccentricity.

Eubank had boasted in the run up to this classic that he would outclass Benn, boasting greater power, speed and finesse.

Benn responded with a visible contempt for his challenger; even going so far to profess a hatred for the his opponent.

The resultant meeting was explosive, and sparked a mutual respect between the pair that endures to this day and would have undoubtedly stirred a passion for the sport among many of the eighteen million viewers watching on national television.

So Sit back and enjoy a British Classic!