Audley Harrison
Audley Harrison
European Heavyweight Champion Audley Harrison underwent surgery on Saturday April 24th in  Cheadle, Manchester at the BMI Alexandra Hospital for the injury he sustained during his  knockout victory of Michael Sprott for the vacant European Title.
Surgeon at the hospital, Orthopedic Professor Lennard Funk, completed a revision of a pectoralis major musculotendinous tear and application of Platelet Rich Plasma. Professor Lennard Funk said: “Audley will be in a sling for 3 weeks. I would expect him to be back to full training 8 weeks after rehabilitation if all goes well and full recovery in about 12-16 weeks.”
Harrison added: “I’m grateful to the surgeon who made himself available and completed this procedure for me. I knew I had ruptured it in the fight, as the pain was so intense. I will start rehab back in California and can’t wait to defend my European Title.”
Alexander Dimitrenko is a test I’m happy to face in my next fight. He is ranked in the top ten in both the WBA (David Haye) and WBO (Wladimir Klitschko) ratings. With that fight and victory, I’ll be ranked in the top ten in three of the four main sanctioning bodies. I will rightfully earn a shot at one of the titleholders.”
“Alexander Dimitrenko has resorted to calling me out as if I’m running from him. His chin and my left hand will be meeting as soon as I’m healed.”
“And to my critics! Keep slandering my name, my fuel is burning and I can’t be stopped. I boxed an inspired Michael Sprott with a major injury hindering my performance from the 2nd round and didn’t surrender. I showed true British Grit and fought with one arm and found a way to win in spectacular fashion.”
“Even disgraced newspapers editors, best known for endangering our troops by publishing hoax photos, are having a pop. As stated on the BBC website in 2004, The Queen Lancashire Regiment (QLR) said the “Mirror Newspaper had endangered British Troops by running the pictures” and Piers Morgan was sacked as a result!”
“With that résumé, Piers Morgan has somehow become the ‘voice of reason’ for common sense in this country; but his reinvention and current profile sums up Britain’s passion for undesirable role models whose credentials and morals are suspect. What does he know about a lucky punch or how hard I work everyday to reach my goals? I was not born into privilege and turned my life around with hard work, determination and self-belief. The basic ingredients needed for any successful endeavor.”
“To those who find favor in hurling abuse my way, look in the mirror and don’t worry about me. If you get joy from slandering my name, you surely have deep resentment about your life, which you need to address. I am blessed and my life is perfect, no matter how much adversity and criticism I have to face to reach my destination.”
“Time to wake up Britain and put the Great back into this nation. Restoring some basic levels of decency and respect for our fellow man, woman and child is step number one!”
“Let me give you a helping hand to start you on your journey. Love yourself, love your family and love the universe!”
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