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This coming Saturday former Olympian Mark ‘The Flash’ Alexander makes a welcome return to the York Hall in Bethnal Green, London when he faces Michael Devine on the undercard of the International Masters Light Middleweight title fight between Yassine El Macchi and Bertrand Aloa at the Goodwin Promotions “Night Of The Rising Stars” event.

Hackney born Alexander last saw action in August last year when he headlined, along with former Featherweight Champion Michael Brodie, on the Ricky Hatton promoted “The Boys Are Back In Town” show at the Veladrome in Manchester.

Alexander fought hard and clearly won the first round after sending the former champ to the canvas in the final minute of the round. The second round was just as exciting, both men giving there all in a real toe to toe battle. It looked like the fight may be bought to an early conclusion after a cut on Brodie’s left brow started pouring blood but the referee, Phil Edwards, decided to let the popular Mancunian continue.

The third round started where the previous round finished with both men in full battle flow throughout. Alexander secured the round after he let rip with a hard body shot that sent Brodie to deck for a second time.

Clearly ahead on points, following Brodie’s two trips to the canvas, at this point all was looking well for Alexander until the former Champion fired a wicked right cross which sent Alexander crashing to the canvas after which the referee decided to call a halt to the proceedings much to the delight of the partisan crowd.

Whilst Alexander may have ended up losing the fight he had gained serious respect for his performance on the night, which may well be part of the reason promoter Steve Goodwin has decided to commit to at least three fights this year for this talented young fighter.

Since the loss to Brodie, Alexander has made some major changes to his team structure including now being self managed. He has also switched his UK training base to Johnny Eames’ TKO Ultrachem Gym in Canning Town, East London to ensure getting the top class training and sparring he had failed to secure at his previous gym under his old management.

Mark Alexander on the pads, pic by Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro
Prior to starting his workout at TKO Ultrachem Gym on Monday, Alexander, said. “My preparations have gone really well. I’ve been really working hard for this. The padswork’s been great as has the conditioning stuff, My weights on target. I’m really sharp and feeling great.

Been getting a lot of great sparring down at TKO. They have so many top class fighters there that I’ve had a good mixup. Had some fast amateur kids, some experienced pros, you know real quality guys, strong guys. Had some good amateurs that just turned pro, who had over 30 amateur fights and are really strong and aggressive. So they really boxed hard having that type of experience. So I’ve had some really great sparring for this fight so I can’t really complain. I’ll definitely be ready.

After this fight I will be out again on June 19th. My promoter, Steve Goodwin, wants to keep me busy until October. We’ve got to sit down and finalise the dates. The plan is to keep busy until then, get a few six rounders in after this fight on Saturday and then go back to the States for one fight and see what’s going on with Manny Steward and see if he can get me the fights he thinks he can do. I will definitely be in the States either with Manny or some other promoter over there. So I’m keeping my options open and then come back to London and go for a small title. There’s titles offered to me now, they’re not something that I think I am ready for yet. I want to get a few more fights and look at where I am at. Fight in the States and weigh up my options and then come back here and should be ready for everything.

I’ve seen Michael Devine’s fights, I watched them on YouTube. He’s a young kid, an aggressive type who throws lots of punches. It’s a four rounder so it’ll be a quick fight. To me I have to watch my P’s and Q’s I’ve seen how the guy fights. I should be a lot slicker than him in every department. Guys like him can be tricky but I’ll stick to what I’m supposed to do it’ll be no problem.

So guys watch out for ‘The Flash’, get down to the fight this Saturday at York Hall and if you can’t make that one get down for the June 19th fight.”

Mark ‘Flash’ Alexander versus Michael Devine is on the undercard of the International Masters Light Middleweight title fight between Yassine El Macchi and Bertrand Aloa at The York Hall in Bethnal Green on Saturday 24th April 2010.

Also featured on the packed card at the Steve Goodwin promoted “Night Of The Rising Stars” show are George Hillyard (9(5)-5(1)-1) vs. Dee Mitchell (9(2)-5(1)-0) in a six round light middleweight contest, Ryan Barrett (18(4)-8(3)-2) faces Sid Razak (4(1)-44(3)-0) in a six round lightweight match-up, Tony Conquest (3(1)-0(0)-0) faces Tayar Mehmed (1(0)-2(1)-1) in a six round Cruiserweight battle. At middleweight John Wayne Hibbert (5(4)-0(0)-0) faces the highly experienced Matt Scriven (14(2)-66(19)-0) also in a six rounder.

Rookie light middleweight Michael Norgrove debuts against the highly experienced Duncan Cottier (3(1)-59(5)-3). Undefeated welterweight Bobby Gladman (5(0)-0(0)-0) faces Gavin Putney (1(1)-2(1)-0) in a four rounder. Also at super middleweight Woolwich’s Eder Kurti (8(1)-4(1)-0) takes on Doncaster hard man James Tucker (2(1)-24(1)-3) in a four rounder and JJ Ojuederie (13(2)-5(2)-1) takes on Bobby Scott (3(2)-6(4)-1) in a four round Cruiserweight contest.

For further information and tickets to this event please see Goodwin Promotions website:
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