Tyson Fury says he will retire if he loses to McDermot

Tyson Fury it seems thrives on putting pressure on himself with his sometimes outlandish out-bursts about his opponents and fight predictions and this time he has gone one step further by saying that if he loses next weeks fight to John McDermot , he will pack up his gloves and get a job.
The unbeaten Manchester heavyweight will lock horns again in an highly anticipated rematch for the English title against Essex’s McDermott’s in Brentwood.
There last fight in September 2009 ended in controversial circumstances when Fury won the fight 98-92 on referee Terry O’ Connor’s score card. It was a decision that shocked many  fans and writers at ring side including an enraged Frank Maloney McDermots promoter, who cried out shouts of robbery and disgrace, saying that at least “Dick Turpin wore a mask when he robbed you”
Frank Maloney
“That was a bigger robbery than the Lewis Holyfield draw, Terry O’ Connor was a disgrace to British boxing what he did here tonight.” he added.
It was all a bit too much for Maloney that night and he was rushed to hospital after suffering an heart attack at ringside. He has now made a full recovery.
McDermot was sure himself that he had clearly won the fight and spoke afterwards of his disappointment.
“Going into the last round my corner told me I was a least 4 rounds in front, keep on him, I thought the last round was level, but I honestly thought I’d nicked it.” he said afterwards.
John had fought out of his skin that night and the constant cheap jibes and at times and cringe worthy playground names aimed at him by Fury had ignited his fire.
Fury had been referring to McDermot as ‘McMuffin’ during the build up to the fight and bad blood between the pair was evident – There is a fine line between fighters promoting a show and being confident, staring down their opponent and telling them and everyone else how they are going to win, and then there is basically making a show of yourself!
‘Big’ john McDermot
There is no doubt Fury has all the attributes to be a successful heavyweight fighter, size, weight, reach, punch and what seems like up to know a good chin, but he has got an habit of not respecting his opponents, although after the fight with McDermot he was quick to give the Essex man the respect he deserved and has not said any of the same taunts in the build up to this fight.
Fury who stands at 6ft 8″ believed he had done enough to win the first fight and was a deserved winner and added that there would be no room for error in the rematch despite his lack of sparring in preparation and the recent split from Manchester trainers Brian Hughes and Pat Barratt at there Collyhurst and Moston lads club in Manchester – Fury is back being trained by his uncle Hugie Fury in Lancaster.
“In the last fight he caught me with a few right hands over the top and and a few body shots but he was trying to maul in close that was about it, I was the one working so I deserved the verdict.
“In just my 8th fight I shown enough to win against a veteran of 30 fights and an English heavyweight champion, I will stop him next time. said Fury

John McDermott v Tyson Fury fight 1 Highlights

“I’ve only had ten rounds of sparring for this fight but it won’t be a problem.
“If I’m any good I will beat McDermott, sparring or no sparring.
“If I lose to McDermott I will pack my gloves up and get a job. I don’t want to box at a lower level – what’s the point?
“It’s make-or-break for me. If I can’t get past John McDermott, I can’t go beyond domestic level.”
Although in the first fight Fury was sloppy and got caught allot I believe he did enough to just take it! and if not? it was much closer than most believed, I’d like to see Fury tone it down a bit in his view of other fighters, and himself, carrying one’s self with an air of confidence and invincibility is a better way to psych an opponent than to call him names, and it seems Fury has heard himself and decided to tone it down for the rematch with no signs of a McMuffin in sight! 
Egans Boxing Academy

The fact that Fury has been flitting from one trainer to the other since turning professional has certainly not helped his cause – Fury as an amateur trained at the one gym throughout with the one trainer Steve Egan  at his succesful amateur gym in Wythenshawe Manchester, where he won most of his fights, many titles and finished off ABA champion, before turning professional.

This is where it seemed the trainer problems began. He left Egan’s gym and Steve, who had seen him through from gangly teenager to professional heavyweight prospect, to team up with Robert McCracken through Hennesey promotions, this didn’t last long and he then went to train with his uncle Hughie.
Then in the run up to the first McDermott fight he went back to train with Egan although there wasn’t much time to get him prepared.
After the fight Fury again jumped ship from a disappointed Egan who had put many years of time and effort into the boy and felt somewhat used by his charges treatment. After recently acquiring his professional coaches license to work his corner, Steve told us that he has still had no explanation why he left him, after all the years and effort Fury left him without even a thank you. Egan is now training Irish heavyweight professional Coleman Barrett as well as having a camp full of amateur champions.
Fury then decided he would join up with renowned trainer Brian Hughes MBE and gym coach and former British and European champion Pat Barrett across the City, it seemed like he had found a gym and trainer he liked, when he had said that he was progressing under there tutorledge.
Then recently with just two weeks to go before the McDermot rematch he has now left Hughes and Barrett and decided to go back to being trained by uncle Hugie, claiming that he wasn’t getting the close attention and kick up the backside that he needed.
Although Fury ranks his uncle has a very competent trainer and obviously feels comfortable in his hands, there is no doubt that the constant trainer problems he has had, will not stand him in good stead as he progresses through the pro ranks and steps up in class.
So will Fury be looking for a job come next Monday morning?
Prediction: I can see this fight getting off to a fast start with both landing big punches early, with the fight starting to get a bit scruffy with holding and a few boarder line legal shots, Fury lands a big shot and follows up to drop McDermot, who bravely gets to his feet to walk onto more looping shots from fury who stops McDermot in the 7th round… What are your Predictions?

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