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Coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011. Playstation 3 and xbox 360 players will get the first crack on the new EA Sports sequel to Fight Night. The game Fight Night Champion is already under final finishing touches and will be shipping soon to your favorite game retailers in early 2011.

EA Canada developers in Vancouver are working hard to deliver a cutting-edge boxing game that will further improve on the success of Fight Night Champion Round 4. They hinted this new standalone Fight Night Champion game will deliver a new revolutionary single-player mode.
Brian Hayes, Gameplay Producer in-charge for Fight Night Champion said, “It’s something people won’t expect from an EA Sports game.” He, however, quickly followed that remark with “Our lips are sealed for the time-being about that” because PR people at EA Sports issued strict non-disclosure memos to them about premature announcement of game specifics. The other thing he confirmed is that Fight Night Champion will be released as a Full Retail Version and not an expansion to Fight Night 4.
going back to basics in brutal style Going back to basics in brutal style
Fight Night Champion will reputedly feature 60-70 of history’s most famous boxing champions. This sequel will also feature a revolutionary feature called “Full Spectrum Punch Control” which will allow players to rotate around the ring and throw the most devastating punch combinations. A new game physics will allow realistic punching and in-game combatants will show the corresponding damage from them. Please check the screen shot below, it’s the world’s Best Pound for Pound Boxer Champion Manny Pacquiao after 3 rounds of Fight Night Champion!
Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion
The biggest question remains, whether or not this is really a good direction for Fight Night Champion as a franchise. Even though the videos are short, they still manage to show what looks like some armed goons jumping Andre, a jailhouse shower beat down and an expletive shouting old man (possibly a promoter?). It’s even mentioned that the business of boxing is, “a whole other battlefield.” Apparently that means fighting off criminal activity and staying out of prison.
This isn’t to say that Fight Night Champion won’t be an exciting game, or that that it won’t possibly tell a compelling story. It just makes one question whether or not this sort of portrayal of the industry belongs in a boxing simulator. If this is the new trend, does that mean players will start to see performance enhancing drug mini-games showing up in the next MLB The Show? Perhaps the next Madden will feature a similar jail-time sequence for the player’s career mode.
The point is that there are negative aspects to almost all sports, but most developers aren’t rushing to use them as a tactic to get people excited. It’s understandable that EA would want to do something to stimulate sales of a niche franchise, but is this the best way to do it? What do the Ranters think?
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Over at the PlayStation blog, Community Manager for EA Sports Alain Quinto posted on the improvements of Fight Night Champion. According to Quinto the developers have “revamped and improved Legacy Mode” as well as have Champion mode take you through the life of boxer Andre Bishop. He is excited about what he calls a “first opportunity for an EA Sports title to have a dramatic game mode with mature themes.”

Of course it is the controls that matter and on that front Quinto says they have gone back to the drawing board after listening to fans about the scheme on their previous title. Dubbed the Full Spectrum Punch Control the main point of them is that they have removed quarter circle and half circle punch inputs after noting that due to the nature of how the analog stick functions as a punching mechanism it was easier to throw left handed punches than right handed ones. Fans will no longer wear out the analog sticks on their controllers so fast as the new controls are much smoother and gentler on both the sticks and the thumbs.

It is always great to hear when a developer listens to the fans for the benefit of a game. Fight Night Champion comes out March 1st on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. source

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