In a final to put the icing on the cake, of what was an action packed tournament, Travis Dickinson was crowned the Prizefighter light-heavyweight champion and claimed the £32,000 winners purse.

Dickinson stopped wild card replacement Sam Couzens in the second round of the Prizefighter Light Heavyweights II final to claim a £32,000 cheque and extend his professional record to 11-0, on a thrilling night of action at London’s Olympia.

Dickinson stopped wild card replacement Sam Couzens in the second round of the final and extended his professional record to 11-0, in a gutsy showing from the Newcastle banger.

Dickenson, had beaten Justin Jones and Llewellyn Davies to get to the final and looked confident going into it, after a controlled set of boxing skills had helped him reach the summit.

Couzens, had to ship some heavy blows in the first round as Dickinson looked to catch him cold. But the stand in finalist regained his senses and began to fight his way back into it, ending the opening session well by forcing the pace.

But Dickinson gradually claimed control of the fight and took over completely in the second round, putting Couzens on the floor with just over a minute of the round remaining.

Couzens regained his feet, but his legs were shaky and his eyes glazed and referee Howard Foster waved off the contest to the Northeast mans delight.

How the Prizefighter light-heavyweights ll unfolded…
Quarter Final 1
Jack Morris vs Billy Slate
In a tight affair as often the Prizefighter can be, Jack Morris took the first fight to get this years first helping of the exciting one night event underway. Slate arguably took two of the first rounds, with the more accurate punches finding there target and that’s how we had it. Morris was busy, but it was Slate who looked to have taken it.
Winner: Jack Morris Morris broke his hand and cannot continue. So wildcard fighter a on standby will take his place TBC.
Quarter Final 2
Travis Dickinson vs Llewellyn Davies
Travis Dickinson proved to schooled for unorthodox southpaw Llewellyn Davies. Newcastle man Dickinson out-boxed Davies for the three rounds to take the unanimous decision after starting the fight with a big right hand that set the tempo. Davies fell short too much with his own shots and Dickinson’s cleaner work proved the decisive factor.
Winner Travis Dickinson
Quarter-Final 3
Tony Dodson vs Michael Banbula
Tony Dodson, a former British champion, shown his better class in this fight, getting off to a good start, catching Bambula with the better shots. Bambula was cut in the first round which didn’t help him, but unfortunately for Dodson, who goes through to the next round after a win here,was cut in the fight also. It was a scrappy bloody affair with heads clonking together. But Dodson’s better boxing skills and his good use of his left hook sees him through to the semi’s.
Winner: Tony Dodson 

Quarter-Final 4
Joe Smyth vs Menay Edwards
In a grudge match here, both were holding no prisoners from the first bell. Smyth looking intent in taking Edwards head off with big shots had Edwards retreating.

But Edwards after a fast start looked to try and take the centre of the ring and get his boxing together after being wobbled in a first round that’s action typifies the Prizefighter concept.

Well if the first round wasn’t exciting enough for you then the second round had everyone on their feet, as the fight turned around! Both started off how they finished the first and at one point a massive right hand had Edwards swaying.

But he turned the fight on its head when he connected flush with a terrific right hand right down the pipe a further left hook, saw the referee jumping in to stop the fight. Somewhat premature at first glance. But what a good win it was for Edwards.
Winner: Menay Edwards

Semi Finals 
Semi Final 1
Justin Jones vs Travis Dickinson
After the withdrawal of Jack Morris due to his broken hand. Wildcard boxer Justin Jones waiting in the wings, got his chance straight in at the semi’s against Travis Dickinson who was impressive in his quarter final win over Llewellyn Davies.

Llewellyn started the semi final better using his skills to better effect catching Jones with some meaty shots in the first round to give Jones a sore baptism into the competition.

But Jones took the shots to his credit, showing himself to have a solid chin and he needed it to last the distance after walking onto some big flush left hooks from Llewellyn. Jones was brave to the end, but just didn’t have the ring experience of Llewellyn, which was telling in the scoring of shots.
Winner: Travis Llewellyn

Semi final 2
Tony Dodson vs Menay Edwards
Coming into this fight with a cuts around his eyes,Dodson wasn’t looking to leave anything to chance it seemed as he dropped Edwards with a good right hand in the first round. He wasn’t able to capitalise on it for a stoppage though and that was more to the bravery of the Edwards.

Again as in his fight against Smyth, Edwards proved again he is up for a fight. The experienced Dodson was landing big right hands and was being tempted to do so, by Edwards low held left hand and took the first two rounds of the fight. Then at the beginning of the third round, the low hands were to be the Emperor’s downfall and Dodson made Edwards pay by landing another concussive right cross, but the two left hooks he brought off that were to drop the game Edwards onto his back and out of the tournament, as the referee waved the fight over.

Dodson corner though unfortunately couldn’t do enough work on the cuts to his eyes and was ruled out of the competition, much to his disappointment and terrible bad luck. He in fact had three cuts and the doctors just couldn’t let the tough scouser carry on.

But Dodson proved to be the fighter of the tournament and although the prize money would have been very welcomed in his Liverpool household, he has done himself no harm in his performance here tonight and will come again on the British scene.

Dodsons pain was Sam Couzens gain, and the second wildcard fighter to get his chance on the night, stepped straight into the final to face Travis Dickinson in another twist to this fantastic night of boxing. 

The Final
Travis Dickinson vs Sam Couzens
Wildcard Sam Cousins elevated direct into the final, due to cuts sustained to semi final winner Tony Dodson, was caught cold and couldn’t stand up to the heavy punching of Travis Dickinson, who was crowned the light-heavyweight Prizefighter champion and the winner of the £32,000 purse.
Winner: Travis Dickinson

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