Terry Flanagan in training for Ian Nappa

8th January 2010

Monthly review by Steve Maylett

December saw my boxer Karl place make it 11-0-7kos.

Karl boxed on the famously named jolly boys VIP show at the De Vere Hotel Bolton. After again struggling to get a capable opponent we had to fly in Maurycy Gojko from Poland.

Tez has got the style to cause Nappa problems also this will be the fight that puts Tez on the map, not a lot of people have heard about or seen him box so this is his chance for his career really to take-off.” – Steve Maylett

Gojko should have arrived on the Saturday with the bout taking place on the Sunday, but due to the bad weather (snow) the flight was rescheduled 24 hours later. This meant that Gojko would arrive at 11am and any small delay would mean that the fight wouldn’t happen.
I had little confidence with the schedule so I asked our manager if he could get someone on stand by. With the fans paying there hard earned money and the hard training camp behind us, an easy fight would have been better than none. Manager Steve Woods got hold of Jason Nesbit who obliged after being told he would be paid some money even if he didn’t box a nice Xmas bonus ha.

Karl Place in training

Gojko Made it to the venue 30 minutes before he entered the ring, to Nesbits delight! Karl made easy work of the fight stopping him in the third. As soon as place moved into second gear, Gojko couldn’t live with him.
Karl is more than ready for the step up, we have wanted it for a while but he’s hard to match. I’ve not been happy with his last two opponents but it keeps him active. We don’t want to put him in with the best in Britain yet he’s twelve months away from that, we want to bridge the gap of experience first.
Karl has got the strength, skills and talent now and the only thing he’s missing is experience. I can’t teach him that, it comes with time. We are now looking to fight only people who are in front of us in the ranking and see where we sit in twelve months.
2011 will be a big year for us, we’re gonna put our stamp on British boxing.
That brings me to some of our current British champs. I thought John Simpson boxed really well against Lyndsey and won the Lonsdale title to keep, well done John great performance.
Also people said that Amir Khan was superb in beating Marcos Maidana, I tend to disagree with this one. I think he boxed well but he’s still not comfortable with his hand or head defence.

He was just covering up and hoping the shots would hit his gloves never actually watching the shots and reacting to them. If he could improve this side of his boxing and relax a bit more on the back foot I think he could be King Khan.

Terry Flanagan stars in ‘To Be a Boxer’

Now on to Tez (Terry Flanagan), we’ve had no break over the Xmas period because we are getting ready to fight Ian Nappa on Saturday 22nd January at the Doncaster Dome.
We’ve bin training hard and everything is going well. We know it’s going to be an awkward fight and that Nappa will be trying to rectify his last defeat against Stuart Hall, but we think it’s a fight we can win.

Tez has got the style to cause Nappa problems, also this will be the fight that puts Tez on the map, not a lot of people have heard about or seen him box so this is his chance for his career to take of.

We are not underestimating Nappa by any means, but I’m confident in my fighters ability and skills, that’s why I took the match.
The gym is thriving on this fight and it will only move us on to better things.
All the best for the new year.
Steve Maylett.
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