The fantastic Worldwide Weekly Boxing Predictions League, is the brain child of life long boxing fan Andrew Millwall from London. Possibly the best and most followed boxing prediction league in the world, the concept is simple and free for anyone to join.

Andrew is extremely passionate about the league, that he runs through Facebook and dedicates many hours to the up-keep and smooth running of it. He is always available for members to speak to through the league’s Facebook page and his own personal page, where everybody is encouraged to support each other, with a friendly camaraderie between the members.

I think the league is a great idea and is very well run. I would definitely recommend it. My predictions are usually pretty good, I usually find myself high up in the league but haven’t won it yet. Think 3rd was my highest finish.” Stephen Smith British and commonwealth featherweight champion and league member.

What is also unique about this boxing league, is that it has many current and past professional fighters taking part, as well as many other fight figures from the world of boxing, giving fans the chance to pit their wits against them, with the hope of being crowned ‘Worldwide Weekly Boxing Prediction League World Champion’.

Andrew Millwall (left) with league member Stephen Smith the British featherweight champion

Some of the familiar names who take part in the league every week include; Robert Stieglitz, James Tillis, Stephen Smith (pictured above). Devon Alexander, Corey Sanders, Willie ‘Big Bang’ Casey, Eddie Chambers, Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham, Larry Olubamiwo, John Molina Jr. Danny Garcia, Omar Henry, Mike Dallas Jr – Shawn Estrada, Tim Witherspoon Jr. Francois Botha, Bobby Gunn, David Rodriguez, Butterbean, Kieran Farrell, Alex Dimaghani, Clarence Tillman lll, Jamie Arthur, Edner Cherry, Ramon Valenzuela, Orlando Del Valle, Kendall Holt, Erin McGowan, Jennifer Retzke, Demetrice King, Kevin Hooper, Gavin Rees, Carl Frampton and many many more..
BritishBoxers are pleased to support Andrew and the league and spoke to him about how in less than a year, the league went from an initial 6 participants, to now over 4000 members. Andrew also tells us about how the league came about, its concept, the leagues future and his plans to encourage more people to get involved. See at the bottom for Details on how to join the league.

Andrew is doing a great Justice to the sport by helping people find a fun way to gain interest in boxing… it’s like a fantasy Boxing league… I feel the league is ran very well. It’s Fun and Easy to understand.. I would strongly recommend the League to anyone… It helps interest in boxing and fun as well, showing fans another side of fighters, the side that shows us fighters as boxing fans as well. And also that us fighters can be just as interesting outside the ring as we can in the ring.” ‘Fast’ Eddie Chambers, world heavyweight title challenger and League member.

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Andrew Millwall, League President and Founder tells us about the league.
22nd May 2011
Andrew Millwall

My very first involvement in boxing was as an enthusiastic kid, who thought he was destined for greatness in a boxing ring, as I enjoyed scrapping with anyone ! Advised to go and join a boxing club, rather than get in trouble I joined St. Pancras A.B.C in London and absolutely loved the training.

Unfortunately when it came to sparring, useless was a compliment to my abilities ! Needless to say I decided to stick with training and not even consider amateur bouts or any future within the confines of a ring. Boxing to me became ONLY a spectator sport and preserved the brain cells I most certainly would have lost, if I had pursued a boxing career.

I was involved initially helping to run a League on another boxing website, but the administrators whose site it was decided that once I had increased it to a certain level, they would rather continue it on their own. I then transferred the League to another website, but their view of the League was that it was a waste of time, and they weren’t keen to support the ideas I had for expansion.

Having encountered this opposition to my ideas, I decided in September 2010, that the only way to apply my own format, would be to continue under my own name/group and work alone, to not only build the largest and most competitive Group/League anywhere, but at the same time involving the participants in a supportive community, where they can interact with each other in a positive and friendly manner. I had the support of some of the original participants, and they have remained with the League throughout.

I police the League strictly and control the input in as much as there is NO friction amongst the members, and NO criticism of each other or ANY of the professional boxers who very kindly choose to take the time to support my Group/League.

Some people probably do hate the idea that they cannot voice their true opinion colourfully on my pages, but there are many outlets that allow a verbal and abusive free-for-all.

I choose to encourage the inclusion of younger members as well as those who would rather have sensible conversation, without resorting to the playground mentality blatantly encouraged and evident elsewhere, therefore

The league works on a very simple format of selecting winners from a given list each week, so it is easy for anyone to take part, with or without boxing knowledge.

Many play for the enjoyment of being part of a friendly community, and voicing their support for all the other members, irrespective of race,creed or colour.

We have recently also introduced a twice a week Fantasy fight on the group page, which is proving to be popular, and the fights are selected solely by two of our members.

The League is open to everyone, on the proviso that they are happy to conform to my rules on behaviour within the confine of the group or my page. Anyone breaching the rules gets a LIFETIME BAN without hesitation and that is non-negotiable.

Since the group’s inception in September the number of members has risen from an initial 6 to just under 4000 and that figure is increasing daily, many joining by recommendation of friends.

I am very honoured to have so many well known Ex Professional and current Professional boxers, promoters, matchmakers, coaches etc. supporting the League, as well as quite a lot of notable names and legends from within the boxing world. Some just support the group with encouragement and comments, whilst others enjoy the competition.

Andrew and ‘The Prince’ Naseem Hamed

All members are welcome just to be a part of the community supporting each other, if they feel they don’t want to play in the League.

The majority of our members, including the current professional boxers are very happy to chat with other members, when online, and we actively encourage interaction and the friendships being built up here.

On a personal level, I try to be online most of the time, and I like to think that I am very approachable by everyone, whether it be to chat on a personal basis or regarding any group/league topic.

The future of the League looks positive as the membership continues to increase. Whether it remains within the confines of Facebook is at this stage undetermined, but many participate through the British Boxers website or my own League website via email, so entry and participation is not restricted just to Facebook members. – Andrew Millwall (WWBPL) 
To join the league please follow the links below:
To Join using Facebook follow these links 


Testimonials from League Members

Andrew is doing a great job for the boxing sport ! I guess Andrew has a great deal of work to do when it comes to counting points to all of the members who have participating in the league. I recommend the league to my friends, yeah! – I got answers from David Haye and Devon Alexander and other fighters I look up to, so it´s cool to interact with them when we have this thing in common. Andreas Evensen (Norway) WBO Inter-Continental featherweight champion.v

I have been a member of on Andrew’s WWBPL for approximately six months. I have been involved in boxing for over 30 years as a boxer, coach, trainer, second, cutman , etc…. I have worked in well over ten world title camps in numerous aspects. I just have to say what a special privilege it is to belong. Not only is everyone welcomed and made to feel special, but I was given such special insight to the game I love. The site contains some of the best boxing minds on the planet. It has certainly opened my eyes to the enormous European talent and given me new perspectives. it bridges our worlds closer. Andrew facilitates this with such passion and dignity and it makes me proud to belong. It also has created such fine friendships with many fellow warriors and fans. Honored to be a member and I can honestly say it is the league has the most competent boxing minds on the web, and the most honorable people.” – Respectfully Submitted, Billy Padden.

I think the league is a great idea and Andrew does a crackin job, I’d recommend it to everyone its a great way to build fan base for boxers and they get to interact with fans.” –  Ian Tims (Irish cruiserweight Champion)

I think Andrew does a wonderful job with the league. It’s certainly a labor of love and it shows. Its great fun especially getting your balls busted by fans who score better than you…lol Ron Katz (Legendary matchmaker of Ali – Sugar Ray Leonard)

I met Andrew on Facebook as he created the league around a year ago. I agreed to take part and help spread the word as it seemed like good fun. It has now become a massive hit with hundreds of people taking part each week and hundreds of professional and amateur boxers in the league and more joining every week. Andrew has done a lot of work to get it up and running and his effort is much appreciated. I would most certainly recommend it as it’s a lot of fun and there are great prizes to be won. It has done a lot to get fans and boxers interacting together.No Holds Barred (Ryan Kinzett)

Hey guys, well Guvnor Millwall is a great guy, pops up to chat to me about boxing regularly and vice versa, but also just to ask how myself and my young son are doing which is really thoughtful of him. I love the way he interacts with all members of the league, boxing fans and pro’s the same! I think the league is run superbly, I just put my picks in for that coming week in and I’m updated with a response within minutes !-and also a good luck message! – I would definitely recommend the league to anyone with an inside or outside interest in boxing, it makes for something to look forward to every Sunday when the scores are added up and the league table takes form. I think it can only be a good thing to get boxers and fans interacting, knowing the guys in the fight game have a very busy schedule, then I understand that they (as do other pro sports guys) cannot answer every message, but the fact that some take part is great in its own way. – I think Andrew has begun something really great, and I for one am very happy to be involved in this league from its first season ! OK, I may not have won one yet, but not for lack of trying! Big up to Dai Thomas (Swansea, Wales)

The Worldwide Boxing Prediction League has been very successful because of Andrew Millwall’s hard work and passion for the great sport of Boxing. – I am the current President of the Rochester Boxing Hall of Fame and our mission is to preserve world BOXING’S rich history and past. This league has given me the opportunity to be part of a great group of boxing aficionados who predict current bouts/matches, so it has helped me tremendously to keep up with the current state of boxing…….current contenders and Champions, their records, and all the specifics and in turn I obtain all this information and report back with all the news at our monthly Rochester Boxing Hall of Fame monthly meetings. – I think it has been awesome to get the fans involved in this league with past and current contenders and Champions…….its keeping interest and the future of the great sport of BOXING alive! – I feel like I am present at one of the boxing venues worldwide when I make my prediction! I love it! Keep up the good work Andrew and all the good you do for the GREAT sport of BOXING!!!! – Tony Liccione Sr. (President of the Rochester Boxing Hall of Fame – New York )

I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Worldwide weekly boxing predictions league run by Andrew Millwall. A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, and a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves. I did not participate in the league until a while ago as I felt I was out of my depth. After several convincing chats with Andrew, I completed the last league and am continuing to participate indeed SLIGHTLY moving up the ranks LOL. A little caring and understanding goes along way and Andrew is 100% willing to help in any situation. I am beginning to wonder if Andrew actually ever sleeps with his incredible dedication he gives the site!! All the members of the league are extremely supportive of both each other and the boxers whom are part of the league. “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes team work.” Each person shows mutual respect for their fellow boxers and members alike. There is no negative attitude tolerated on this site, it is friendly and every day, each and every one of us has the distinct opportunity to make a difference and positively impact another life be it that of a boxer or a member of the league, don’t miss your opportunity. This makes for great entertainment amongst family and friends no matter what your level of expertise in boxing. Best of Luck to all that participates in League!!! – Jean Donegan (Kilkenny, Ireland)

I think Andrew is awesome and the league is great ! Well organized and ran very well and I would recommend it to those that love and think they know boxing or would like to know more about ‘Da’ sport. Because the league give’s fan’s an insight on the outlook of a pro’s frame of mind an opinion of the sport from inside the game. It also give’s the fan’s the personal way of interacting with the boxer…. So all in all, Cornelius ‘Da Beast’ White loves ‘Da’ League it’s Great! Cornelius Dabeast White (American Light Heavyweight)

Andrew is a great guy! Very dedicated to the biggest boxing league in the world. Its great to be able to compete next to people in boxing like fighters, trainers, etc. The league is run very efficiently run and I like the fact that results are updated right away and you don’t have to wait long to see them. I have sent a couple of friends to join. Its another way for fans to connect with the fighters. Is not every day you can meet these guys. Thanks Andrew for your dedication to the league and keep up the great work! – George Jimenez.” – Geo IMAGEZ Photography.

I love the league and Andrew has put many hours to ensure the league is 1 of the best. It has continuous updates and all participants are well informed of their standing in the league. I highly recommend this league for true boxing enthusiasts, it is a great idea to get casuals fans and boxers interacting with each other, kudos Andy great job!” – Ronnie ” The Dragon ‘ Essett, WBO/WBA/WBC Super Middleweight world title challenger.

I have been a member of the league since it was established by Andrew and I enjoy taking part and seeing if I know has much about boxing as I think I do! I have been impressed by Andrews dedication running the league and appreciate the time and effort he puts in to bring the fans and boxers together with the common love of the game. I’m always happy to support the league and would encourage anyone to join it. Thanks Andrew Millwall. – Chris British Boxers.

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