London, 14th June 2011 the Heavy weight world champion open’s his doors to Move It with Escape Fitness.

There has been a war of words between David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko for quite some time, and now the two heavy weight giants will meet this Saturday in the Ultimate showdown. In preparation for defending his title , World Champion David Haye opened his own private gym to elite members of the press and of course the Escape Team on tour to show us what he is made of. 

WBA Heavyweight Champion of the World David Haye

As friends of both David the Hayemaker and Adam his manager/trainer the Escape team headed down to see how the champ was training for this fight and what Escape equipment he selected this time round.

As you can see from the exclusive Escape movie the champ is in tip top shape and is said to be at the peak of his physical fitness making him stronger and more powerful then ever before. But the question on everyone’s lips is can the Hayemaker make his opponent eat his words in this highly anticipated title fight? According to top industry names Haye can’t fail to lose with a combination of his passion, skill, intense training and his secrete weapon, trainer and manager Adam Booth (AKA the dark lord of boxing). Plus he uses the only the best functional equipment which is why he not only won his previous fights but will give him the head start to beat the Russian Giant in there face to face this Saturday.

Adam Booth and David Haye have proved to be an unbeatable combination which is down to their mutual passion for winning the Heavy Weight title and brining the belt back to UK soil. So how have this powerful pair been preparing for this weeks unification match? With Escape Fitness equipment, that’s how!

As part of his intense training programme based in central London Hayes trainer’s  Adam Booth and Ruben Tabares trained the champ using TRX, Scifit and dumbbells from Escape Fitness.

How the champ used the equipment to help him train for his big fight and sign up here now to receive the full Adam Booth and Ruben Tabares interviews :

The complete one stop total body suspension tool TRX. This revolutionary training method of leveraged body weight would allow David to work out his entire body using a choice of over 700 exercises such as Bicep curl, Chest Press, Single Arm Press and Back Row. 

The Scifit pro 1 sport is designed to develop upper body strength focusing on the shoulders, torso, core stability, muscle toning and is the perfect way of combing Aerobics with strength training. 

Escape Dumbbells
It is easy to understand why everyone from elite athletes to home exercisers use the mighty dumbbell. Versatility of use, varied design and variety of accessories are all attributed to the success of this strength training tool.


A ground-based rotational training tool that works the entire body, perfect for dynamic boxing training as it allows fluid movement at any angle, meaning that it is ideal for perfecting and strengthening that all important punch or KO blow.

Want to train like a champ?

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