2nd July 2011

British boxing’s favourite son Frank Bruno, the former WBC world heavyweight champion, is looking forward to David Haye’s attempt, to enter the highest accolade of fighting prizes and unify the heavyweight division.

Frank Bruno
His fellow Londoner takes on Wladimir Klitschko tonight in Hamburg Germany, in one of the most eagerly awaited boxing match-up in years – And even though Big Frank (right) hasn’t got anywhere to watch tonight’s fight just yet, he cant wait and is excited to see if Haye can overcome the Ukrainian champions strengths, impose his own power and shock Klitschko. – Although he adds, it wont be easy!

“When two big men go in there and their genuine, two of them have belts and both of them are talking a good fight… I cant wait for it to happen, you cant get no bigger than a heavyweight title fight.” Bruno told Talk Sport.

“Klitschko’s a natural heavyweight, been groomed well and looked after and have been around a long long time.

“The heavyweight’s there were in my day like Bowe, Lewis, Tyson, Holyfield, rar rar rar. But they are (Klitschko’s) today’s crop of heavyweight and their good. Klitschko’s a natural big lump. He’s not no teletubby, he’s in good shape.

“David’s moved up from cruiserweight and he looks pumped up, but only time will tell. David has got the fire and the hunger and the ability to get in there quick and it’s whether Klitschko can take Hayes punch. But Klitschko can punch himself so Haye has got to be very very careful and box clever.

“Klitschko could make it horrible, he isn’t gonna go in if Haye wants a war, he’ll back off, hold him grab him jab him, keep him long distance and probably frustrate him.

“So Haye’s gotta go in there, throw some bombs over the top, down below, in the belly soften him up a little bit and really shock him, because Klitschko could make it into a boring fight.

“I’m decorating at the moment at home and my Sky’s down, so I might have to go around to someone elses house to watch it, but I’m looking forward to it, it is excitement.” – added Bruno.

Listen to the full interview above.

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