In part three of our series ‘Black Flash’ The Pat Barrett story, Barrett recalls his European title win in Italy against Efrem Calamati, when he ripped the light-welterweight title from the Italian, knocking him out in round four in Italy on 24th August 1990.

Such was the devastation of the finish Barrett inflicted on the champion, the previously unbeaten Calamati never fought again.

Going into the fight Barrett was told he would probably need a knockout if he were too even get a draw, given the so called history of biased judges against British fighters on the continent.

Look at
everyone of my fights they were different, the methods and the tactics,
Brian always gave me different tactics we’d move on from the next fight
and he’d tell me, you got to change as you move up in class.”
– Pat Barrett.

But Barrett in typical knockout fashion, administered his own judges that night! – his fists and he left nothing to chance.

Barrett also talks about his proposed fight against Julio Cesar Chavez and how he thinks he would have fared against the Mexican ring legend, who at the time was unbeaten in over 80 fights with fifty odd knockouts and was the number one pound for pound boxer around at the time.

The fight against Chavez never materialised, but eventually the Mancunian got his world title chance against Manning Galloway. It was 25th July 1992 at The G-Mex Centre in Barrett’s home City of Manchester. But the fight was two years after it was suppose to happen and was happening after being postponed four times previous – a fact that Barrett blames for his lackluster display on the biggest night of his boxing career.
I used to spar with heavyweight John Fury, Tyson Fury’s dad, because I was punching so hard in training I couldnt spar any light-welterweights or welterweights cause I was dropping them” – Pat Barret.
We take a trip down memory lane again with Pat Barrett and visit the scene of that world title defeat and Pat gives us his verdict and thoughts on the world title fight with Galloway.

Barrett explains and demonstrates where he believes his power came from and how to throw the perfect punches for maximum effect and tries to look back on his career in a positive light as he now looks to take that life experience to train develop his own crop of new youngsters who hope to follow in his footsteps.

In another compelling segment of our biography picture of Barrett, the former British and European champion and world class light-welterweight opens up like never before to create a compelling look at the boxer and the man once regarded as the best in Britain and one of the most gifted never to claim a world title.

To be continued.


By Chris Maylett

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