4th March 2012 

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has claimed loyal British fans saved his life during the days when it seemed the rest of the world including America had turned their back on him.

Formally known has the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ Tyson claims he would have ‘starved to death’ had it not been for his sell-out British talk shows and ‘An Audience with’ appearances, that have been instant sell out events, with his UK fan base falling over themselves for tickets to meet their boxing hero.

My most loyal fanbase is in Britain. If I had depended on love in the States, I would have starved to death. In Britain they loved me for all my flaws before the movies came out.” – Mike Tyson.

Tyson will be back in
the UK again next month to do another round of shows, and in an interview with The Sun, he confirmed
his love and thanks to the British people who never gave up on him, saying; ‘Three years ago, I was homeless. I needed to keep the
wolves from my door and the fans in Britain gave me that

Tyson, 45, was declared bankrupt in 2003 despite earning almost £200 million during his ring career. But bad investments a jail term and hangers on who financed and gained from his boxing exploits, diminished his ring earnings.

Mike on one of his many tours to the UK

The former champ who has found recent success in the movie The Hangover and also is working on his Las Vegas one man show, insists his British fans stuck with him throughout and stuck with him through thick and thin.

“I am so grateful. My most loyal fanbase is in Britain. If I had depended on love in the States, I would have starved to death.” 

“The Hangover has given me a comeback in America but, in Britain, they loved me for all my flaws before the movies came out.

“I have a one-man show coming up in Las Vegas called the “Undisputed Truth”.

“Film of me going to prison will be screened behind me and I will get naked there in front of people.

“That’s what I call it, being naked with my clothes on. Just telling the truth.”

That will include talking about the tragic death of his four-year-old daughter Exodus, who died in 2009 after a tragic accident at the family home.

“My daughter dying changed my life and I met people who dragged me back from the brink,” Tyson added.

“There were ex-Hell’s Angels in my recovery programme who helped me so much.

“I saw people who had millions, I saw people who were homeless and they all had problems.

“Yet around them were people who would go to an airport at 4am just to talk you out of a bad place.

“They drag people out of the gutter — now my mission is to help people like that.

“I have survived all that I have been through and it’s left me with such passion for life.

“When I had all that money I was the most miserable, wretched b*****d around.

“Now I have got energy and great potential to be a better person.” added Mike.


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