Lewis Pinto

We have received the tragic news that Wallington’s super-middleweight boxer Lewis Pinto has taken his own life this morning.

The 24-year-old from Wallington made his professional debut at Elephant & Castle in April, when his army of fans from around the country saw him beat Danny Dontchev comfortably on points, after a successful couple of years competing on the amateur circuit and in the Queensbury Boxing League.

Lewis’s manager Mickey Helliet confirmed the news when he tweeted today: “I am very very sorry, something terrible has happened but the rumours are true my boxer and good friend Lewis Pinto, hung himself this morning.”

Lewis was tipped as a boxer with a bright future and this is shocking news. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time. And from BritishBoxers and I’m sure the whole of the boxing community, we offer our deep felt condolences and pray you find peace in Lewis’ memory.

RIP Lewis Pinto – Another fallen warrior from the boxing brotherhood.


Please feel free to leave your Tributes below.


RIP champ xx


Love You lewis R.I.P angel <3 :,( xxxxxxxxx


Boxed on a show with you once great fighter great guy a real shame so sad hearing the news xx

In reply to Lisa.
Rip Lewis. Such a huge shame, this has had a huge impact on so many people, a very popular and loved man. Rest in peace now xx


Great night tonight for Lewis at roundshaw
Everyone from Wallington has done us proud tonight- he would av been smiling down on us all!!
Scott Dowsett


My friend and I are raising funds and awareness for CALM http://www.thecalmzone.net a charity which aims to help prevent tragedies like this by providing a hotline, online community and magazine.
We want to spread the word about what we are doing and need the involvement of young men and their families. We are @CALMride on Twitter or you can use [email protected] to get in touch.


Never met you, and never saw any of your fights, but still very sad to hear, lots of people have some lovely things to say about you, the only thing I can say is sleep well……a very handsome young man, thoughts are with your family and friends xxx


R.I.P hope u r at peace now thinking of your family at this sad time xxx


So long my friend Lewis. Was a pleasure to know you. So sorry we will never see your smiling face again. May the grace and peace of God be with your family and loved ones at this traumatic time.


Night night mate – I hope you are at peace now. You really were an amazing person and i am very proud to have known you. You will be missed forever by so many people xx


You were an amazing respected and inspirational person Lew. You will always be in out thoughts and hearts and we all have the greatest memories of being you friends. It was a pleasure to know you. I know you will always be looking down on us, looking after us and guiding us. The brightest star in our sky.

RIP Lewis xxxx


I hope u are now at peace Lewis thank you for all the special memories you were my first love a very good friend and you will be missed so much by every one hew knows you u are a true gent who had the biggest smile and the biggest heart I will never forget u sleep tight and il meet u on the other side ��


Cheats are scum, so are women. RIP dude.


RIP Lewis. Knew you from school. You was such a sweet and gentle guy. The gental giant :)) that’s how I will always remember you. My thoughts are with you and your family. Your never be forgotten xxx


Please remove this I know u mean well but I’m sure his girl feels bad enough not that it was her fault RIP pinto god bless


So many people loved u lewis, seeing your girl friend with another guy. Should not have been worth your life? God rest your soul, x


I didn’t know you Lewis but I watched your fights and know a lot of people that knew you, you sound like an amazing guy, you gave a lot of people inspiration, reading all the positive comment on here you are a much loved man, may you rest in piece sleep tight

fox boys

What a tragic waste of a young life.I worked with lewis for 2 years,and have to say he was one of the nicest and polite guys you could meet.frightened of no one scared of life.It was a privilige to have known him.My heart goes out to his family and friends.RIP lewis.gone but never forgotten mate.


RIP LEWIS-u was a top guy , thoughts are with your family and friends at this sad time xxx Dowsett family

Daryn Parkinson

life is always worth living, for a man to see no option but to take his own life is a truely tragic event. there is always another choice. you are never alone. rest in peace Lewis Pinto, we do not judge you, we only pray you have found peace and that your family find the strength to move on


WTF sum sick people out ther, bigman postin shit like that annonymously u fcukin clown, show sum respect dirty little scumbag. R.I.P lewis


What a waste of life. Sounds like a loss to everyone he knew and even didn’t. RIP Pinto, I’m gonna YouTube some if your fights now and rue British boxing’s loss to the sport. Love to his family too x


A tough fighter and a true gent to go with it. Always had time for everyone and stuck up for his mates til the end. Had some good nights out together and even though we didn’t speak for a while I was always rooting for you mate. RIP x


Pinto I am shocked beyond belief. You are and always will be loved by so many. Youve touched so many hearts and it shows from all of the respects being paid to you. Not one person has a bad word to say about you and it is very hard coming to terms with a loss of such a great man. You leave me with many fond memories that will stay with me for life and will always be remembered as a true gentleman. Sleep well pal and I send my love to all your other friends and the pinto family xx


There should be more done to help young sports people not just by checking for heart defects but depression which probably is a bigger killer, I know depression is not easy to spot, but there should be a massive campaign to get depression recognised as a illness so people will come forward who are suffering,
Hope is family and friends pull through this


Very sad news, never met him but saw him fight a true warrior, my thoughts go to his family at this very sad time.
RIP Lewis.


Why write something like that you tucking brain dead tit. his friends and family will see that. your a spineless little prick. show some respect.


R.I.P mate it was a pleasure knowing you love the cuxton family xxxxxxx


Sleep well mate. R.I.P


You was one of a kind you was a good bloke mate you was going to make it big mate I’m gutted to see that we have lost a legend of a man rest in peace .


Rip Lewis didt Know you well but love watching your fights true warrior!!

From Alex.Makkar


iv known lewis for years and never saw him without a smile, he was always happy polite, and took good care of himself he will live on in our memories as a legend. Such a waste tho babes, hope your at peace now


Lets remember Lew for the Gr8 nights of entertainment he gave from Boxing. watching his passion and determination, he always gave 110% in the ring – outside of it he was the most gentlest of people you could ever meet. A gr8 footballer and he was like a son to me – Can;t get over this tragis loss of Lewis Pinto who had so much to Live for. The Legend may be gone but never forgotten Luv Jim & Lorraine xx


I didnt know Lewis but such a shame to lose such a talented young man. My heart goes out to his family.


tragic choked up . talent wasted hope you find peace always in my thoughts … true gent . ive had a bad year so HAVE many others. its time to let friends and loved ones know we are there for eaCH OTHER BIG LOVE MATE WISH I WAS THERE FOR YOU………. SORRY

Stuart sparky

To the piece of shit that wrote that disgusting comment above you should be fucking embarrassed with that comment. His family and friends are reading that shit right know and are suffering enough without your gutless comments. Very brave behind a keyboard eh ?

R.i.p Lewis , hope your in peace know mate, .my thoughts are with the pinto family.


Depression is a disease like all other illnesses. Sadly the outcome can sometimes be the tragic loss of someone special. Until you have experienced it you cannot pretend to understand and your comments show that you have no idea of the devastation this illness causes. I hope you are out of pain and my thoughts are with your family at this sad time.

Danny keeley
In reply to Anonymous.

Show some respect lowlife if not for the deceased at least for his family and friends.boxers are some of the nicest respectful people I know your obviously not one.


r.i.p lewis didnt know ya but i know it a sad time for ya family as i been there .


Gunna miss you mate finding it hard to come to terms with it!!


Rip Lewis didn’t no you but you were obviously a very talented young man with a great future ahead of you thoughts are with your family and friends ,and too the sick ediot posting disgusting comments like that up you should be ashamed of yourself you waste of space.


why do that to your family!!!!! it`s the people left behind who suffer and who i feel sorry for @16:59


Hope you rot in hell yourself mate. You sick bastard.How fucking dare you try trolling this tribute!!!!!! Lewis was a great bloke, excellent fighter And one of the best showman boxers of his generation And had the potential for carving an amazing pro career Too so piss off back To obviously sad boring life under the rock you crawled from and leave us that were lucky enough to met him and appreciate his obvious talent Honour his memory in peace you P***K

R.I.P Lewis thinking of your family at this sad time You may be gone but you’ll always be remembered by those who knew you for the true gent and legend you always have been.


god rest poor lad………


Who knows what’s troubles he had or why he done what he done. Comments like that aren’t helpful at all. RIP.


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Lewis was my mate….such a nice bloke….still cant believe it! Amazing guy, boxer and footballer. RIP mate – never forgotten x

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