18th September 2012

Freddie Roach has wished his former pupil Amir Khan all the best after their recent parting, but warned the Bolton boxer to not ever contemplate taking on Manny Pacquaio when he said; “I wish you the best Amir, but stay away from punchers, my guys are

Roach reveals also reveals he found out on the Internet about the split but received a phone call from Amir the next day, when he said he wish the former light-welterweight champion all the best in his career.
read it on the Internet first and alot of people must have given him a
bit of slack over there (UK) He gave me a call the next day. said Roach.
“We set up this call and we spoke and I had no hard feelings.
Hall of Fame trainer and former fighter also responds to the news that
Khan is looking to employ the services of Andre Ward’s Trainer Virgil
Hunter after getting tired of playing second fiddle to Pacquiao, who
Roach also trains.
thing is he said he doesn’t want to take a back seat to Manny Pacquaio,
but now he’s going to have to take a back seat to some other fighter,
because Virgil Hunter has a fighter that’s a very predominant fighter
right now and Amir’s gonna have to take a back seat to him.”
Hunter is technically a very good trainer, the work he’s done with
Andre Ward they look like a good fit, but can somebody change another
person? I don’t think so, Ive been trying get that over to Amir to be
settled down for a long time now and with no success. He likes to
exchange alot and I don’t think that’s gonna change. But I wish him the
best.” added Roach.
reveals that he was approached by Khan’s manager Asif Vali and was asked if
he would consider dropping Manny Pacquaio and Julio Cesar Chavez and
continue to work solely with Khan? – It was a request Roach scoffed at,
thinking it was a joke.

he said it to me I said ok! Cause I thought it was a joke. Then they
asked me in person and I said are you serious? That’s something I just
cant do!”

to the question put to him; Now that the triangle is broke between him,
Khan and Pacquaio, if a fight with them or another fighter from The
Wildcard gym” could be made now? Roach was sharp in his response. “Like I
said I wish you the best Amir, but stay away from punchers, my guys are

In this exclusive in-depth interview by Radio RahimHall Of Fame trainer Freddie
discuss Julio Cesar Chavez, Manny Pacquiao, Bob
, and 50 Cent.
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