16th September 2012

After being stopped in the fourth round, some may say prematurely, Michael Sprott in his frustration for not being allowed to carry on against the unbeaten German based Kazakh Edmund Gerber in the heavyweight tussle in the Stechert Arena in Bayern, Germany on Saturday night, pushed the referee over.

Although Sprott, 37, did look fine to continue and was signalling to the referee he was ok and wanted to carry on. His actions at the fight being waved off wasn’t good and the usually placid Reading man, saw red and pushed the Swiss official Gerhard Sigl three times, the final push saw Sigl bounce into the ropes and fall to the canvas. video below

Up to that point in the fight Sprott was doing just fine and was surely ahead on points when in the fourth, he lost his concentration and got caught by a quick left hook, big right hand combination that pierced Sprott’s guard and landed on his chin, sending him sprawaling to the floor and flat on his back.

He immediately sprang up at about two, but very unsteady as he fought to regain his legs and senses. But he appeared to have done so, and raised his arms aloft to show the ref he was ok but he deemed Sprott in no position to continue, with just 19 seconds remaining in the round.

Sprott was furious and started then pushing and shouting at the ref in unusually uncharacteristic behaviour, but what is sure to land him a fine and a possible ban from the boxing authorities. see video above for the end of the fight.

Sprott’s coach Jim Evans (right) calmed his charge down eventually and when he had come to his senses he went over to the referee and offered his apologies and gave him an hug, they both smiled, but that wont be the end of it for Sprott.

Without going into it here too much now, many decisions in Germany for British boxers over the years have always been shrouded in controversy and some of the events that have accrued over the years beggar belief and Saturday nights showing was no exception. Sprott, (although we are not looking in his eyes, like the ref) had taken the count afforded to him, to recover enough to look like he was able to carry on, he gave all the appropriate signs that you are suppose to in convincing the referee of that fact. But Mr Sigl approved otherwise.

But whatever happened Sprott obviously shouldn’t have raised his hands to him under no circumstances and lose control of himself in that way, but I’m sure he doesn’t need anyone to tell him that and will be gutted and embarrassed enough.

Pics from the night

Pics by  @Tony_Munich_Eye

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