10th November 2012 


Adnan Amar (25-3, 7 KO’s) is a 29 year old welterweight from Nottingham. He is trained in Sheffield at the Winko Bank Gym by the Ingles.

Adnan how did you get into boxing?

Always loved sports, boxing was always the most challenging sport in my eyes… 

Who/what inspired you in the beginning?

Video of Prince Naseem Hamed 

Best advice you were ever given?

Never underestimate anyone 

Where do you train?

Ingle Gym Sheffield 

Who is your coach?

Brendan and Dominic Ingle
Adnan Amar

Who was your first coach?

Professionally 1 year or so with Jason Shinfield 

Funniest thing you’ve seen in Boxing?

One of my opponents looked
identical to Harry Potter only he was about 6ft and a lot hairier

Family Life?
Parents + Brothers = LIFE 

Do you have a day job?

Assassin & Calvin Klein Model 

If you wasn’t a boxer, what would you like to be?

Relief worker in Africa 

Whats your best asset as a fighter?

Footwork & movement 

What/Who inspires you?

my family & friends

Who/what has influenced you in your boxing career? 
Brendan Ingle‘s been the biggest influence in my career by far. I’ve known Brendan almost 10 years now and he speaks to me exactly the same as he did the first time I met him, as if he’d known me all my life. I’ve learnt so much in the time I have been with Brendan and his sons, John and Dominic. We are very close. I learn a lot from listening to Brendan, from how to fight and be a successful boxer to being an upstanding member of the community. Basic morals and principles and everyday common sense.

Whats your Honey punch?

Short left uppercut to the solar plexus 

Best and worse thing about the boxing game?

Training, fighting, winning & injuries, bent judges, corruption 

do you deal with your pre-fight nerves?

Keep busy with the everyday gym
clique and have a laugh and joke, don’t get serious until the gloves
are on.

Best friend in Boxing?

Too many but if I had to pick one Nadeem Siddique 

memorable Gym moment?

Knocking wind out of Johnny Nelson & him
acknowledging with “damm that was an accurate shot” lmao

Best opponent you have sparred with?

Kell Brook & Amir Khan 

Best prospect you have seen?

Good friend Kid Galahad (Barry Awad) 

Best fight you have seen live or on TV?

Carl Froch v Jean Pascal (live)

If you could be ringside for one fight next year which one would it be?

Any Mayweather or Pacquiao fight.. big fan of both

the phone rang this afternoon with a Big fight offer, who would the
opponent be and where? 

Floyd Mayweather @ MGM Grand for £10,000,000+

Toughest Part of training?

Hitting the pads with Dominic Ingle 

Toughest Opponent you have faced?

Lee Purdy 

Other Sports?

Football (LFC ) 

Favorite all time fighter?

Sugar Ray Leonard / Edwin Valero 

Favourite British fighter Past?

Chris Eubank 

Favourite British fighter Present?

Tyson Fury 

Something fans to know about you?

My phone number is 07…..

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