Pre-Fight Press Conference Video for Huck v Afolabi III

Huck and Afolabi are now in fight mode and shown how high tensions are running during Wednesday’s press conference, when they got involved with the verbals.

“If you are a Huck fan you might say that he won our last fight.” said Afolabi.

“If you are an Afolabi fan, you might give it to me. However, after Marco Huck’s last fight against Firat Arslan, Stevie Wonder looked at me and said: Arslan definitely won no doubt about it.”

But the 28-year-old Huck, took exception to Afolabi’s remarks and accused his British challenger of provoking him on purpose. “He is just trying to rattle my cage and is hoping that it will cause me to make mistakes,” responded Huck.

“But he is fighting a losing battle. I am the champion and I will still be the champion after the fight. I will give him my answers inside the ring.”

“I proved before that I can beat him, but he cannot beat me. I know that I am better than he is. I also have a better fan base behind me, who will be celebrating another victory with me after I am done with that guy.”

Continue to the next page to watch the video of the fantastic action packed last round of their last fight, which ended in a draw.

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