DeGale Post Groves – A Different Fighter, A different Person

In the build-up to his fight against Groves two years ago, it is fare to say that DeGale did himself no favours in his cringing behavior towards his London rival and his confidence transcended to petulance and arrogance that turned many fans off him. But you sense the boxing public are willing to forgive him now and are looking for excuses to like the boy, who is now showing a more humble approach, but his bags of talent should do all the talking for him. When DeGale lost that fight to bitter rival Groves in London he now admits he wasn’t doing his bit to win friends and influence people. in the big fight build-up. “I certainly lost the plot and on reflection it doesn’t look nice – but it does show you how genuine the hate is between us.” said DeGale.

“I know that ‘hate’ is a strong word but we simply don’t like each other. I realise I did things wrong in that fight. If I fought him again I just wouldn’t be so raw. I went for it but, in many ways, forgot the game plan. But now I am a different fighter. But that dream of a world title is still well and truly on the cards. I know I can achieve it.”

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