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The forthcoming bout between British heavyweights Tyson Fury and David Haye has, it is fair to say, set tongues wagging in the UK and beyond. Boxing fans all over the world will be keen to see who emerges as victor from this contest, with neither fighter shy about expressing opinions publicly either. Anyone betting on sports at will be sure to be thinking about how to make the best possible profit from such a keenly anticipated fight.

One thing which any fight fan will be wondering about is how will Haye cope with Fury’s height. Fury stands at a hugely tall six feet nine inches (2.06 metres), which gives him obvious advantages when it comes to reach. Haye is far from short, standing at six feet three inches (1.91 metres), but is still much shorter than Fury. The best sportsbook punters may see this as a key issue.

This is unlikely to bother Haye as much as might another fighter, though. The “Hayemaker’s” greatest night of his career came when he managed to out-point the giant Russian, Nikolai Valuev. Valuev is even taller than Fury, standing at seven feet two inches (2.18 metres), and yet Haye beat him. He managed this by a strategy which avoided close in work, keeping the giant Russian at a distance. Despite this strategy, he still managed to land some telling blows on Valuev, with the Russian’s legs wobbling at one stage.

Followers of sportsbook betting will be keen to remember that night, as it also showed how Haye can manage against fighters with more bulk, as well as height, than him. Fury is also a big man, like Valuev, with plenty of bulk and power. There is one telling fact about his size, though, and that is that his weight varies considerably from bout to bout. He has weighed in usually between 245 pounds (111.13 kilogrammes) and 270 pounds (122.47 kilogrammes) during his career.

In contrast, Haye almost always weighs in at the same weight, 210 pounds (95.25 kilogrammes). This is a testament to the amount of time that the fighter devotes to fitness and conditioning, with his body arriving at every bout in tremendous shape. Fury can use his bulk to beat some fighters, but he will find it hard against Haye. The Bodog odds in favour of a Fury win should lower if the man from Manchester is lighter, then.

One thing which Fury will take into the fight is massive confidence. The Anglo-Irishman has not lost any of his 21 professional bouts, and knocked out Steve Cunningham in New York in April in convincing fashion. That bout also saw Fury climb off the canvas following a second-round knockdown, a sign of the big man’s toughness.

Not that fans of Tyson Fury would see it that way. They will point out the disparity in ages between the two fighters, with Fury a young man of 25. Haye is seven years older, at 32, but the Londoner is in great shape, and has not endured too many long and draining battles in the ring. Fury is very young for a heavyweight, a division where older fighters tend to succeed, and Haye’s greater experience may just counter the freshness of Fury’s youth.

The bout could therefore go either way, and Bodog Indonesia punters are sure to be watching very closely. This fight is one of those which genuinely looks too close to call. One factor which will also interest users of a Bodog sportsbook is how each fighter can take a punch. Both men have vulnerabilities in this area, and both have had to climb off the canvas in previous bouts. Both men can also hit hard, so both will need to stay clear of serious shots if they are to have a chance.

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