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Matthew Ryan with his coaches Pat Barrett (left) and Paulie DeSilva

Middleton’s Matthew Ryan (6-1, 1KO) tops the show again in his home town arena on Saturday night and promises to put on a show for the faithful who are getting behind this nice unassuming working class lad who looks more choir boy than boxer! He is too reserved to tag himself with a ring nickname so has just acquired the agnomen ‘Middleton’ from where he is from, and so it appears ‘Middleton’s’ Matty Ryan fits perfectly because he just couldn’t think of a nickname to use.

On Saturday night Ryan looks to keep the wins coming when he takes on Brighton’s Kevin McCauley over 6-rounds in a rematch of their 4-round battle last year on the VIP’s Jolly Boys show. The first fight was a good scrap and both had promised to do it again when they got the chance, with 100+ fight veteran McCauley feeling he would perform better over the longer period, Ryan has given him the chance to prove it in a rematch this Saturday night at the Middleton Arena in Manchester (Jan 31st), LIVE on BBTV. Courtesy of BritishBoxers and Powered by Fitness Water.

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At 24 years-old, and a father of one, Ryan juggles his professional boxing career, training and fatherhood with a job as a security guard at his local Tesco store. He has big plans to become a full time boxer in the future and is striving to learn his trade correctly before going in for a domestic title shot next year. You may think that a novice pro isn’t ready to be topping a bill but Ryan’s trainer and promoter Pat Barrett explains:

“Matthew came to me after the amateurs and turned pro with me, I promised to develop him as a boxer and to get him regular fights with him top of the bill locally and he is seeing things happening now, he feels special and it has brought out an whole new confidence and focus in him, I’m very pleased with him at the moment he is very ambitious, you could say he has a new lease of life and is really putting in the graft in training.

“It hasn’t been easy getting opportunities for Matty and it took sometime to get our Black Flash Promotion company fully going so he could get regular home fights where we can build him up in his home town. The lad has been patient and trusting and now we have got things moving and we are able to stage our own shows, I am able to now repay his loyalty to me and give him the spotlight and the platform to go out there perform and make a name for himself and secure a career in the sport he loves doing and is fully dedicated too.

“He is such a nice kid and I will do everything in my powers as a coach and a promoter to help him realise his potential.” added Barrett.

Black Flash Promo Presser Pics Jan 15 Matthew Ryan

Ryan has campaigned as a light-middleweight to date but has shed the pounds and will now drop down to welterweight on his quest to the top. Standing at 6’ 1” Ryan will be an interesting proposition in the lower weight class and hopes to keep busy, earning himself a title shot by the end of the year.

“I am building up a good fan base at the Middleton Arena, it is close to my house and everyone can now get there easy to see me fight, the tickets have again flew out and I am really grateful to everyone who has bought them especially just after Christmas too and I cannot thank everyone enough. This show is going to be great and I intend to put on a performance and get the place rocking, I cant wait.”

BBTV commentator Jamie Albrecht suggested before Ryan’s last fight, that ‘the Middleton man doesn’t look like your typical boxer, more choir boy looking than rugged pugilist.’ But after he saw Ryan brutally take apart and stop tough Gillingham scrapper Mick Mills in 5 rounds, Albrecht later added you cannot be fooled by the cover, adding ‘Ryan can fight and fight good!’

In the past getting fights had not been easy and he had to take last minute offers and it was hard for him to confirm dates with his fans, thus hard for him to start building a fan base. But since his coach Pat Barrett announced he would be putting on shows in Middleton, the home-boy has had a new lease of life to his career and he can now see a real future as a boxer and the chance to further his career and make a living from it

“Fighting at the Arena in front of my family and friends is just amazing, I’ve been able to focus on the date and I couldn’t ask for more really.

What Pat is doing here is great and it is giving me now a platform to build my career and a fan base. The shows are on my door step and the fans are just now wanting to come because they have heard how good the first Black Flash show was so it is easier now to sell the tickets and Pat as taken the pressure off to sell tickets too because he sells a lot.”

“I am in fantastic shape, I make light-middleweight easy but I’ve spoken to Pat and we have decided to go down to welterweight and see how we get on, I feel I will be even stronger at the weight.

“I love training and I love to box and I plan to put on a great show for everyone who has come out to support, I will always give my all in every fight and I’m confident I can make it to the top with Pat by my side.”

As for the nickname, is it ‘Middleton’s or Matty ‘Choir Boy’ Ryan? Matty laughs…. “I’m not sure about the choir boy one! But yeah, I just couldn’t think of one every-time someone asked me and I tried to come up with one they all just sounded stupid on me, so I left it. But it always says Middleton’s Matty Ryan in the write ups an that, so if I have to have one then ‘Middleton’s’ just fine, haha, I don’t mind that one atall!” added Ryan.

Watch Matty’s fight on Saturday night…

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