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  1. Name? Tommy Langford
  2. Nickname? Open to suggestions
  3. Record? 12-0 
  4. Weight? Middleweight 
  5. Born? Bideford, N.Devon
  6. DOB? 12/07/1989
  7. Where are you From/live? Weoley Castle, Birmingham. 
  8. Favourite current boxer? Rigondeaux 
  9. Favourite all time boxer? Marvin Hagler
  10. Favourite all time fight? Marvin Hagler vs John Mugabi, or Ali vs Frazier 3
  11. Why do you box? quite simply I love it. I have never found anything to give me the same buzz and enjoyment that I get from boxing. 
  12. How did you start boxing? originally went down Bideford ABC at 11yrs old to get stronger for football. 
  13. Who influenced you at the start? myself I’ve always been self driven and motivated and because I loved doing it I needed little influence. But my Dad was always there supporting me. 
  14. What amateur clubs did you box for? Bideford ABC & then Hall Green ABC
  15. What do you recall of your amateur career? 106 fights won 86. Won national titles, fought & captained England, boxed all the best in the country including Olympians, commonwealth medalists and current champions and beat them. 
  16. Why did you decide to turn pro? was trying for 2012 Olympics. When I knew I wasn’t going to get there or the luck go my way decided to turn pro. 
  17. How would you say your professional career has gone to date? it’s gone very well. Undefeated, signed to Frank Warren and looking to step up to titles I’m very happy. 
  18. What are you capable of achieving in boxing? I believe with the right guidance (which I have) I can go all the way. The important thing is I keep progressing and learning and I will undoubtedly get there. 
  19. Who are the people who will help you achieve your goals? my Trainer Tommy Chaney he’s there and believes in me all the way, my manager Jason McClory and Promoter Frank Warren. All working together I know I can get to the top. 
  20. What’s your training schedule? Which parts do you most and least enjoy: Train twice a day 2hour boxing session in morning and running/conditioning session in evening. I love sparring and anything with punching involved. My least favourite part of training is sprint work. 
  21. Describe your style? What are your best qualities: I am a high tempo boxfighter. My strengths are I’m big & strong for my weight and I’m fast and accurate esspecially in combination punches. 
  22. What is your routine on fight night? arrive at venue, chill out in changing room with music & the team, get hands wrapped, kit on, gloves on, bit of pad work to warm up and then go to work!
  23. What ring walk music do you use? Dangerous by Conrad Smith. It’s a reggae tune.  
  24. Do you like to take part or watch other sport? watch West Brom where ever possible and play a bit of Golf. Used to do loads of sport but knocked it on the head when boxing got more serious because of risk of injury. 
  25. Who is the toughest opponent you have faced amateur or pro? The best fighters I faced were as  amateur at the moment and they were Callum Smith & Anyhony Fowler both very good in different ways. 
  26. Who is the best you have sparred with? sparred regularly with Frankie Gavin who is probably the best technically but obviously smaller than me also sparred Eubank Jnr more recently who is ranked very highly. 
  27. What is the best venue you have boxed at, when? boxed at the NIA in Birmingham as Amateur but best venue for atmosphere is the smaller venues that are rammed out. Love fighting in a packed noisy environment. 
  28. What three All British boxing matches would you most like to see made? James Degale vs George Groves 2, Billy Joe Saunders vs Chris Eubank 2, Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua. 
  29. If you could be at just one of the above fights which one would it be? Billy Joe vs Eubank 2
  30. Which current British boxer do you feel can become a global star in the next few years? if Joshua keeps winning he ticks all the boxes to become a mega star. 
  31. If you wasn’t a boxer what would you like to be? no idea really is probably teach like the rest of my family have. 
  32. Family life and background? close family 2 brothers 2 sisters and very supportive parents who helped me to where I am. Come from Small town but pushed myself to get to uni and get to Birmingham where I now train & live with my wife. 
  33. Best friends in boxing? best mate from old amateur Gym Richard Grigg also good friends with Frankie Gavin. 
  34. When you are not boxing what do you do to relax? watch loads of films and box sets. 
  35. Favourite Holiday destination? Greece 
  36. Favourite TV programme? anything on Boxnation
  37. Film? The Hurricane 
  38. Music? Reggae or soul 
  39. Food? Caribbean or Indian 
  40. Gadget: my iPhone 
  41. Website/App? Twitter 
  42. Book? Four Kings
  43. Football team? West Bromwich Albion
  44. Something no one knows about you? I have always liked surfing. 
  45. Motto? train hard, fight harder! 
  46. When is your Next fight, where and who is it against? will be fighting in July opponent to be confirmed. 
  47. Is there anyone who you really, really would like to fight this year? no one in particular but who ever has the British/commonwealth titles. 
  48. How can fans get intouch with you for tickets? Facebook Tom Langford – Twitter @Tommy_Langford1 – website www.tommylangford.co.uk
  49. Would you like to see Carl Froch fight again, if so who against and why? Personally I don’t think Froch needs to fight again. I think he’s done everything he’s going to in the sport now so no I don’t really want to see froch fight again.

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