Las Vegas is a city world-renowned for glitz, glamour, lavish shows, 24 hour bars and of

course a plethora of luxury hotels and casinos. But over the past 50 years visitors haven’t

flocked to Nevada just to try out some of the Europalace casino games because it’s a city

that has become synonymous with hosting some of the greatest boxing matches in the

sport’s history. With such an incredible back catalogue of bouts to pick from we’ve selected

just some of the best and most memorable Sin City showdowns.


GEORGE FOREMAN vs. RON LYLE – January 24, 1976

Still regarded as one of the greatest heavyweight fights in history this 1976 bout between

Foreman and Lyle was filled with notable highlights that made it a truly thrilling battle. The

fight took place at Caesars Palace in Vegas and it was Foreman’s first time back in the ring

after his famous loss to Muhammad Ali back in 1974. Lyle put in a gutsy performance

against the former champion and by the fourth round, after exchanging numerous punches,

Lyle had managed to knock Foreman to the floor. However, in a dramatic turn of events,

Foreman responded in emphatic fashion, rising quickly from the canvas and flooring Lyle.

One round later and it was curtains for the plucky Lyle as Foreman became inspired and

managed to rattle off punch after punch before delivering the final knock out and winning

the match. Click on the image above to watch the full Foreman v Lyle fight.



In 1996 the MGM Grand Garden Arena played host to a highly anticipated battle between a

somewhat lackluster Holyfield and the incomparable Mike Tyson who returned to winning

ways after serving his 3 year prison sentence. It took 11 rounds for Tyson to grind out

victory but Holyfield left the ring with his credibility in tack and no sooner had the match

finished then all eyes were firmly on a rematch. One year later fans got their wish when the

two heavyweight giants returned to the MGM and boy we really didn’t know what we

would be in for. Following a supposedly unintentional head butt in the 2nd round from

Holyfield, which mirrored a similar event occurring in their previous meeting the year

before, Tyson decided to get even by sinking his teeth into his opponents ear and biting a

piece clean off. A foul that left the vicious Tyson disqualified from the match.



If you were lucky enough to be in the city of sin at the Caesars Palace Sports Pavilion back in

the mid 80’s you would have been in for a real boxing treat. Hagler vs. Hearns in 1985 was

an onslaught of energy and action that almost never waned during 8 minutes of frenetic

action. There was nothing here about pre-determined game plans; it was a simple exhibition

of high-energy, pace and pure intensity that resulted in “the War” being won by Hagler after

the match was finally stopped.



Whilst the Mayweather vs Hatton fight may not have been the greatest fight of all time, in

fact it wasn’t helped by a break-heavy Joe Cortez who hampered Hatton’s style by not

letting him work on the inside, but the sheer magnitude of the event made it one of the

biggest in Vegas’ history. – Over 30,000 British fans arrived in Vegas to cheer on the Hitman with the roof almost coming off the MGM Grand when their hero arrived to the tune of Blue Moon. However, it was Mayweather who made all the noise in the ring, eventually sending Hatton into the ring post and then the canvas for his 39th successive victory.

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