Last week was great for me as I was able to go to the Golden Gloves show on the Thursday and be at the Venture ABC with Sean Trodden on the Friday.

I was very impressed with what I saw at the Golden Gloves show.

One young boy, Mauro Silva, really took my eye with his debut for Collyhurst. He showed poise and technique far above his experience. I feel this has been due to him boxing in a gym well before he decided to box. In that gym, Collyhurst, he was in a real boxing gym and what he has observed has sunk in. No getting away from it young Mr. Silva could have a good career in front of him.

Another Collyhurst boxer Adam Rasoul was once again on the short end of a tight verdict. In some ways I feel Adam’s pro style counts against him in the amateurs and his body punching does not get the awards it deseves. Also Adam’s defence is deceptive as the photo shows, he leaves the ring as he enters it, unmarked.

In the words of my friend and ultra talented boxer from the mid 1980’s to mid 90’s Danny ‘Boy’ Peters, ‘what a professional Adam could make.’

I was also impressed with Will Mcfall from Collyhurst who kept to his boxing against an excellent opponent. Ok he never got the verdict but he contested every point and this boy also has a great future.

Of the Golden Gloves boys there is an array of talent emerging in the youngsters.

Harry Evans and Kirk Smith are undoubted talents.

However Adam Musaid looks a real class talent and his brother is not far behind. There are youngsters in this club that will have bright futures if they keep at it.

I feel that every show I have seen at the Gloves has proved one thing, the matchmaking is 50-50 matches and when a club does that it helps their boxers when they go to the championships.

On Friday it was great to meet up again with the Venture’s, Sean, Danny and Masher Dodd and to meet Joe Tonks and the lads who come to spar.

The camaraderie at the club is wonderful and once more seeing the young schoolboys and girls coming through their paces was an eye opener.

Masher Dodd’s Commonwealth defence against Hull’s Tommy Coyle should be a cracker. Those two won’t have to go looking for each other.

Many thanks to the Golden Gloves club and Venture ABC for putting up with me.

Until next time, good luck, God bless.

Tommy Dix.


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