What better way to kick off the new feature, “Fight of the day” than with this classic? It was just 3 rounds but Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns managed to stuff 12 rounds of action into what be later referred to as “The war”.

Spoiler Alert! If you want to watch the fight and don’t know the result, press the play button above to watch in high quality, don’t read further just yet!

Widely considered the best opening round in Middleweight history, this fight was between two of the “Fab 4” fighters who competed with each other at Middleweight and welterweight (including “Sugar” Ray Leonard and Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran). These bouts took place in the 1980’s which was one of the best decades for the sport in terms of legendary fighters and electrifying fights.

The fight was characterised by enormous flurries of back and forth power punches with both fighters absorbing a great deal of damage.

Hagler tended to lack upper body and head movement on the attack and through this, “Hitman” Hearns was able to score with his lofty 6 foot 1 frame (large for a middleweight at the time) throughout round 1. Hagler was dangerously rocked and was marked with a forehead abrasion at the end of the first round. Hearns continued to pepper “Marvellous” in the 2nd with floaty quick boxing on the outside.

Hagler, on unsteady legs, began to Smother Hearns at the close of the 2nd and in the 3rd he increased his relentless activity. Seeking to rip at the body with hooks and bolo punches up close, he drained a noticeably fatigued Hearns. Hagler’s excellent cutting off the ring negated Tommy Hearn’s long levering reach and in this way Hagler was able to zero in on the larger man. The bout was brought to a dramatic end with a looping overhand right and crunching right hook combination from Hagler. Hearns is laid flat on his back facing the lights. The ref didn’t need to see anymore. Watch the Full breathtaking fight on video at top of post. Thanks for your visit.

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