Lewis Calvert

Lewis Calvert


I am Lewis Calvert a freelance multimedia journalist, sports reporter and copy writer from Liverpool. I have been a hardcore boxing fan for around 5 years and a casual fan for as long as I can remember. I have worked for Wirral Radio, Purple Revolver and Click Liverpool. I also run my own blog at bigwritehook.wordpress.com/ where I discuss all manner of things including: boxing, football and travel writing. As a freelance journalist from Liverpool, a great boxing city, I have a keen interest in the careers of Scouse boxer like the Smith brothers, Tony Bellew, Rocky Fielding, Derry Mathews, David Price, Kevin Satchell, Ryan Farrag and James Dickens, as well as all their British rivals. I mainly preview and review fights that I often attend, but I also like to cover social media stories between boxers and discuss fan reaction. I try to maintain a fair and balanced approach to my writing, remembering that ultimately any man who steps inside a boxing ring deserves respect, not only for the risk they take to their own health, despite the money they earn, but for the hard work and dedication they show towards the sport. My favourite boxers tend to be honest, willing to fight anyone and have flair both inside and outside the ring. I have also travelled the country doing stand-up comedy and have indulged rap battle as well. Favourite all time boxer: Muhammad Ali Favourite all time British Boxer: Prince Naseem Hamed Current favourite British boxer: Callum Smith Favourite all time fight: Arturo Gatti v Micky Ward (first fight)


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