Boxing Equipment – Gloves, Pads, Bags, Wraps, Boots and more

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John Evans

I'm just another boxing fan who - having realised the ship had sailed on my own title hopes - decided to try and get closer to my favourite sport. Initially, I would enjoy snaring interviews with the sports biggest names but, over time, my focus has changed. Although I am always attempting to build new relationships with American fighters, over the past year I have found myself being drawn into the gyms of Manchester, where promising young boxers are plugging away in the hope of making a name for themselves. Watching a boxer win on a Saturday night when you have seen them slaving away in the gym, worrying about selling tickets, and dealing with numerous changes in opponents is the real joy of boxing for me these days. The Manchester fight scene is booming at the moment and you can usually find me in and around the gyms of the city, attempting - and failing - to keep up with fighters almost half my age. As well as joining up with, I have been a long term contributor to and also write for Boxing Monthly magazine. I appear on the BoxNation shows, 'Boxing Matters' and 'A Fight To Remember' and you might also have heard me attempting to describe the action for VIP Boxing. A combination of good luck and perseverance has led me to the point where I'm fortunate enough to be writing for my favourite magazine, appearing on my favourite television channel and providing content for two of the best websites around. It isn't hard work if you enjoy it and, after almost six years, the novelty of being involved in the exciting, hilarious and unpredictable world of boxing still hasn't worn off.