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This is our interpretation of the current British light-welterweight professional boxing rankings. Fighters are ranked on activity, achievements, level of opposition and record.


#NameHome TownRecord
1Ricky BurnsCoatbridge41-6-1
2Jack CatterallChorley18-0
3Tyrone NurseHuddersfield34-2-1
4Ohara DaviesLondon15-0
5Robbie Davies JrLiverpool15-0
6Josh TaylorEdinburgh 9-0
7Tommy CoyleHull23-4
8Lenny DawsLondon30-5-2
9Glen FootSunderland19-1
10Joe HughesMalmesbury15-2

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If you feel these ratings are inaccurate in anyway, or we have missed someone you feel deserves a place in the top 10. – Please EMAIL us with the details.

Note: Any boxer inactive for 12 months is dropped from the rankings, unless the boxer has been a former champion and has not yet announced retirment. – Boxers who are active and unbeaten will take precedence.

* symbol denotes foreign based British boxers eligible for the British title.

If you have any feedback or information regarding these rankings or feel we need to amend or add a certain fighter, please contact us.

We do our best to keep them up to date and accurate as possible.

BritishBoxers.co.uk Independent British Boxing Rankings as plumb and accurate as possible without using a spirit level!