With the announcement of Jamie Moores retirement this week, we thought we would sit down and review his career, and there is no better way of doing this with Jamie, than to see him in the ring.

A man who did is talking in the ring, often referred to in the fight game as ‘The Boxers boxer’ came threw the British ranks the hard and old fashioned way, no quick steps up the ladder to a paper world title, he won all the domestic titles and if it wasn’t for unfortunate injuries and crucial fights being postponed at crucial times, Jamie would have no doubt been world champion, way before a rejuvenated Ryan Rhodes took the last bit of fight Jamie had left.

Jamie Moore was born in Salford, Greater Manchester, UK on 4th November 1978. He was the former British, European and Commonwealth light middleweight champion.

Trained by Oliver Harrison, in his back street Salford gym, where the dogs go around in twos, Jamie was an honest, courageous fighter who wore his heart on his sleeve and was a credit to Salford and British Boxing.
Here are a number of videos of Jamie Moores career

 Jamie Moore will be missed by British Boxing, we wish him luck in his career outside of the ring. visit Jamie Moores website: www.jamie-moore.co.uk

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