15th October 2012

Tyson Fury was a spectator at the James DeGale European title fight in Kent on Saturday night and when asked by a Channel 5 reporter what he thought about the news coming through; that his heavyweight rival David Price had knocked out Audley Harrison in 82 seconds over in Liverpool, he reacted angrily!

“To be honest, Harrison is the biggest bum inside boxing and my reaction to Price and Maloney calling me out, that midget yeah! I’ll fight David Price any day of the week.

“See you, you plumber from Liverpool, it’s personal between you and me and I’m going to do you some serious harm you big, stiff idiot.

“Also It’s going to need 10 plumbers to do you when I’ve got finished with you. Also you are getting it for sure. Call me out, call me any names and you are getting it.

“And do you know your gay lover Tony Bellew, I’ll fight him in-between rounds.”

Fury later posted another video of his own on Twitter, saying: “Frank Maloney, David Price. I’m contacting your office in the morning you little midget. If you haven’t got half a million that you’ve been bragging about, which I know you haven’t, you’re in deep trouble.

“David Price, I’m going to put you in intensive care, that’s for sure mate. And you know your gay lover Tony Bellew? He’s got to fight me in between the rounds as well. I want two of yous, you pair of tossers.”

Next up for Price is Matt Skelton on December 8, a bout that is again expected to be one-sided in favour of the Olympic bronze medallist. Fury, meanwhile, is scheduled to fight a week earlier in Belfast.

After his fight Price responded to the Fury outburst by telling SkySports News; “He cannot handle other people getting praise and credit. That’s why he made an absolute fool of himself It must be a case of jealousy or something. Tyson Fury needs anger management to deal with his temper.”
  • Anonymous

    What a cock! Typical pikey attitude. This “I’ll fight any man” bullshit is going to get you knocked out.

  • Anonymous

    Tyson Fury is probably among the worst boxers ever to have held a British Title, when his time came to defend agaist Price he was the one who chickened out and fought instead for the complety meaningless Irish title.

    As a British champion he rated somewhere below Gordon Ferris.

  • Anonymous

    Tyson Fury needs anger management to deal with his temper – Thats Correct he could also see him self banned for life if he does not sort him self out soon !!