British Boxers would like to say a few words to the knockers that our young WBA light-welterweight world champion Amir Khan gets in some of the web’s forums and chat rooms etc, and we thought it was appropriate to file a short defence in his favor.
This comment was recently posted by us, in response to one particular item on the British Boxers Facebook Group, that accused Khan of jive talking before his fights, – although one of the more watered down accusations thrown at Khan, here is our response.
A great Kid is Amir, grounded respectful and from a good family – The jive talking were words put into his mouth to help promote the fights! you could see he wasn’t comfortable doing it anyway. All boxers have a duty to go eye ball to eye ball at the press conferences and to tell each other how many bells they are going to knock out of each other, because we ask them to!
All the lads here who sparred him will tell you how good he is, including Gomez, who when he fought Khan, was much more experienced than a very novice pro – in Khan.
The trade have known the potential of Khan since the local schoolboys and it is good to see his drive and commitment is still has much there now, has it was then. He got beat a few times as an amateur learning that game, but got in the ring a week later to have another go, because that’s what boxers do, and amateurs gladly do it for free. So even if he got beat again, he would probably start again, boxers are a different breed. But lets hope he learns from the mistakes, keeps winning and keeps British boxing in the spotlight.
Get behind the boy or leave him be, support him because he is British? or because he is a good boxer? or because you are just a boxing fan and can appreciate a gooden when you see one!
After getting put down by Willie Limond and Michael Gomez early in his career and then the Prescott loss, which seems to have put people off – he didn’t hide, he got straight back in the ring, a trait most boxing fans like in a fighter, coming back! all the good and great boxers have done that and  that’s why we love em – just to name a few well known modern day British ones.. Bruno! Lennox! Benn! Watson! Eubank! McGuigan and many more.
British Boxers support Khan, and all our fighters and have a respect and admiration for every boxer world wide, who have laced on the gloves and ducked under the middle rope, it takes courage!
Boxers are highly tuned to a degree not known in other sports. They ply their skills alone and there is nowhere to hide. They need to be in top physical condition and unrelentingly brave. If you take the endurance of a tennis player, the courage of a racing driver, the sensibility of an actor, the continued discipline of the long distance runner, mix those ingredients together and you are on the way to knowing what it takes to be a boxer. someone once said!!

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