Pakistan floods

Boxing Fans can you all take a moment to read this post, this is not about boxing but a tragic event of human suffering, charities are working around the clock to reach victims with clean drinking water, food, emergency healthcare and shelter to the affected families in this catastrophe.

The floods have decimated Pakistan the number of people suffering could reach 14 million (of which 6 million are children) – more than the combined total of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the United Nations says.

People in the flood’s wake were already desperately poor and what little possessions they had have been washed away. The extent of this crisis is only slowly emerging. The more villages that are reached the grimmer the picture becomes.

Oxfam is on the ground providing clean water, sanitation kits and hygiene supplies, planning to reach at least 600,000 people in the hardest-hit areas.

Amir Khan, whose grandparents were born in Pakistan, has seen the country suffer its worst flooding in the last 80 years with 10’s of 1000’s feared dead and a further 3 million in need of aid, as the threat of disease grows.

Amir supporting Oxfam’s relief effort which aims to raise enough funds to provide those affected with clean water, sanitation kits and hygiene supplies.

“We are all very upset by what has happened and it is important to now build awareness so we can raise money for the victims who have had their lives destroyed,” said Amir.

“I was shocked when I heard what had taken place because I had just visited Pakistan a few weeks earlier.

“I want to help the people there during this very hard time and will be hosting dinner and charity events because many of them have lost their homes and no longer have clean water, so it’s important for us all to do our bit to help them in anyway we can,” he said.

The Olympic silver medalist is also set to team up with Save the Children and in the past helped raise cash following the South Asia earthquake in 2005.

Disasters such as that and the recent floods in Pakistan are causes Amir believes he has a duty to support.

“Being in the public eye I have a role to play to raise awareness in situations like this and if I can help out in anyway then I am up for doing that. But the main thing is that those who are suffering now get the help and aid they desperately need,” said Amir.

visit to keep upto date on Amir’s work and how you can get involved.

To donate whatever amount you can please visit the websites

Boxers express there sadness for the Pakistan flood victims 
(Amir was being interviewed here before the floods)

Weather Crisis 2010

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