Does boxing teach self-discipline and self-respect?

A positive boxing story caught our eye this week, when we heard a local organisation in North Yorkshire were running boxing classes with the intention of taking youths off the streets and into the gym.

With the intentions to teach, through boxing, self-discipline, self-respect and giving them a focus in which to channel their energies.

But this is not an exercise that suits everybody and the plans to offer the classes to youngsters in Northallerton, have been criticised by The British Medical Association, who have long called for a ban on boxing.

Supporters of the age old pugilist art, say it is no more dangerous than many other sports and helps youngens not only make something of themselves in the ring, but boxing and it’s people are renowned for churning out good decent human beings!

But a BMA spokesperson said that they didn’t believe it was appropriate to promote boxing to young people.

The boxing classes are being offered to try and help prevent anti-social behaviour in the area and are open to all youngsters aged over nine.


They have been organised with the support of ActDivertz which is a multi-agency organisation that offers a range of activities to young people in the Northallerton area.

ActDivertz works to try and divert young people from getting involved in anti-social behaviour.

Adrian Coe is one of the coaches and he is convinced the sport can help.
It will focus the kids and help them get interested in a sport that gets them off the streets, a sport that can give them some discipline and self-respect,” – Adrian Cole boxing coach
However, Dr Richard Vautry, a spokesman for the BMA in Yorkshire and The Humber, said: “The BMA has had concerns about boxing for many years.

“Many of us have seen patients, a number of years after they’ve retired from boxing, who are suffering very serious brain injuries.
To try and establish a sport which is primarily about hitting and hitting to the head is quite serious.” Dr Richard Vautry, a spokesman for the BMA
Boxing coach, Adrian Coe defended the sport saying.

“There is an element of danger in all sports,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot more injuries in football and rugby than I have in 30 years of boxing.

“It is also worth pointing out that in amateur boxing there are many safety regulations and protective equipment.

Dr Vautry said safety was not his only objection to the classes.

“A sport which is about trying to cause hurt and harm to another individual isn’t something we want to see promoted to young people,” he said.

The sessions are taking place at the Hambleton Forum in Northallerton on Monday evenings. Organisers expect about 40 to 50 youngsters to take part. 

Are you between the ages of 12 and 18, live in the Northallerton area and are interested in fun activities on an evening and weekend? including Boxing – more information…

Boxing debate! Should Boxing be banned? views on the topic from boxers Michael and Kevin Armstrong, plus Mickey Duff, the late Reg Gutteridge(funny) Brian Hughes, plus other opinions from guests for and against. Presented by Tony Wilson and Lucy Meacock from the early 90s.
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