22nd October 2011
This is a match-up that doesn’t require any pre-fight arguments, curses or ticket selling banter, this intriguing contest is one for the purists.
The experienced Jason ‘2 Smooth’ Booth will defend his
British super-bantamweight belt against rising star Scott Quigg at
Bolton’s Reebok Stadium tonight and the people in the game and fans of a more broader knowledge realise, this cant be nothing but a good old fight in true Lonsdale belt fashion.

But it could well turn out to be a tactical affair, either way it is an intriguing fight that could prove to be a case of out with the old and in with the new? Or will Booth prove age and experience his vital tools and school the young man who has designs on his mantle. 

Quigg unbeaten in 22 fights, with 15 knockout’s is a hungry young fighter from Bury in Manchester who has beaten all before him in impressive style, clinching the WBA Inter-Continental super bantamweight title since turning pro in April 2007.

He is one of the new breed of talked about British boxers, who might just have the talent to carry the UK boxing torch for the next generation of our sport. 

Originally trained and moulded into a skillful defensive fighter by Brian Hughes and Pat Barrett. Quigg has now joined Joe Gallagher’s boxing camp of champions on the other side of Manchester and is in tremendous shape ahead of his big opportunity to shine.

Quigg, 23, is a lad of few words, extremely polite and one of the nicest people you could wish to meet. But behind his piercing ice blue eyes is a man with an unshakable concrete belief in himself and his career as a prizefighter.

He wants to get to the top of the boxing world and is determined to do everything he can to achieve his dreams. But will Booth be a step too far for him? Will his ambitions be brought to an abrupt end by a man who was British and Commonwealth champion when he was an 11 year old kid just starting high school.

Quigg is a real student of the game, he studies old fighters and is aware of his place and where he intends to end up. He has stated that the British title is a belt he looking forward to winning, but would see his career as a failure if he wasn’t to go on to win a world title. His ambitions are set high and he is moving in the right direction.
Quigg has also in the past paid his own fare and expenses and travelled over to America to train and spar in some of the toughest gyms out there. He spent a few weeks at the Wild Card in LA and also spent a few days at Goosens Gym where he sparred with some tough fighters, all there to make a name for themselves and there own career in boxing.

The trip was a real eye opener for Quigg and he thrived off the experience he picked up, while impressing the characters who sparred him and watched this skinny kid from Old England holding his own and giving it out against some real hard flat nose hombres who wanted his foreign blood.

Tonight all his revision and endless days of repetitive training and conditioning will be put to a final exam and he will need all he has learned if he is to be crowned the domestic champion.

Or can the Wiley old veteran Booth now aged 33, with a 43 fight career, with 15 knockouts, prove himself all over again. Can he overcome another challenge can he go to the well once again and turn back the clock to quell the fire in the determined young challenger Quigg.

Booth never knows when he is beaten and will hope his pedigree will be a step to far for the Bury challenger. Booth has overcome many well documented problems outside the ring and came back to boxing after spiraling into a drug and drink abyss not too many years back. But the champion returned to get his life and boxing career on track a testament to his will. 
Booth’s uncompromising style and skills have entertained us since 1996 and tonight should be no exception. But equally Quigg has gone about his trade in the same manner and has built up his record quietly on the Northern boxing circuit, waiting patiently for his chance. He has only gone the championship distance once against Daniel Kodjo Sassou last year. While Booth has completed 12 rounds on 12 occasions and will hope to take Quigg into territory he has yet to experience using all the tricks in the book to try and school his young challenger. 
But I believe this is Quigg’s time and he is ready to prove that the new guard will have the youth and sharpness to overcome the old and in his sternest test to date, he can rise to the occasion and claim a points victory over Booth, who as usual goes out on his shield.

By Chris Maylett
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