11th November 2011

Mark Tibbs, new welterweight champ Colin Lynes and Jimmy Tibbs – pic by Philip Sharkey

Didn’t Colin Lynes put on a splendid display of text book boxing on Wednesday night, when he totally outboxed, out witted and outpointed fellow Essex man and British welterweight champion Lee Purdy, at the York Hall Bethnal Green, London.

It wasn’t even a case of the 33 year old Lynes rolling back the years, I’ve never seen him box so well. The Former British, European and IBO light-welterweight Champion stepped up in weight to take on Purdy and took the 24 year old champion to school with a masterclass lesson of movement and the main boxing fundamental of ‘hitting and not getting hit.’

British boxing paid tribute before the fight, when the York Hall stood in unison to the 10 bells that rang out for the former heavyweight champion of the world ‘Smokin’ Joe Frazier, who had passed away on Tuesday and you could have heard a pin drop, as the crowd bowed to the great man. R.I.P Joe Frazier, one of my favorite fighters to watch.

ifilmLondon and guests tribute to ‘Smokin’ Joe Frazier


As the roar went up and MC John McDonald called out ‘Smokin’ Joe’s name, the fan’s in attendance cheered and clapped their appreciation for a legend past, who had once thrilled the boxing world. The crowd were now ready for the main event and the atmosphere became electric as the two boxers walked to the ring.

Lynes took hold of the fight and set the president in the first opening seconds, that continued for the twelve round duration. From behind a piston like jab Lynes was keeping Purdy off balance and proceeded to baffle the one paced champion who just couldn’t tie the slick veteran down. Purdy is as tough as old boots and soaked up a succession of accurate combinations, Lynes used every punch in the book on his way to becoming the oldest ever welterweight champion.

In round ten Purdy did touch down and the referee called it a knockdown. Purdy wasn’t hurt although a good right hook had landed from Lynes, he was in turn throwing a left hook that missed and together with the punch and his momentum swinging his shot he went over.

At this point a knockdown or not Lynes was that far in front, it wouldn’t have mattered if the judges had counted it a knockdown or not, by then Purdy surely needed a knockout. The reason I say surely is that although Lynes appeared to be more points in front of Purdy than he is years, one judge actually scored the fight a draw!

When the final bell sounded everybody knew including Purdy, that Colin Lynes was the new welterweight Lonsdale belt holder. So did judges Richard James Davies who scored it 119-110  and Mark Green who scored it 117-112, the third judge Ian John-Lewis incredibly scored it  114-114 a draw! – Making the fight only a majority win for Lynes, when it was clear to most it was a unanimous shut out.

When John McDonald took the scorecard from the officials, he had to look twice and then checked with Southern Area Chairman Mick Collier, he must have thought there was some mistake, there was! – But in the end the right man got the wrong verdict, but the ultimate win.

I’m not ready to have a go at referee Ian John Lewis about his final scorecard, people do see fights differently and that is why we have three judges…. But even if Lewis didn’t score the knockdown in round ten, Purdy just didn’t do enough before or after that and although he did land some decent shots of his own, he lost out to Lynes inside and at distance in almost every exchange.

“A lot of people wrote me off and I don’t blame them, I’m 33 years old – 34 at the end of this month,” Lynes told SkySports after the fight.

“Lee is up and coming but I’m always ready, always up for the challenge. Lee will come again. I said to him straight away, ‘Lee – I did it, you’ve done it before, you’ll come again’. He’s a real credit to the game and he took it so well.” added the new champion.

All Lynes’ experience in the game came together on the night and he seemed to land five shots to every one Purdy threw. Lynes eyes proved shots were getting through but a cut to Purdy’s right eye shown the heads had banged together a bit too. But Lynes’ defensive skills saw Purdy continually miss with most of his punches and Lynes would quickly counter, making him pay for every mistake.

Purdy is young enough to come again though, he would have learnt an awful lot from this fight that will stand him in good stead in the future and afterwards the humble Colchester lad was full of admiration for his fellow Essex opponent from Hornchurch and admitted that Lynes had an answer to everything he tried to do.

“He just out hustled me tonight, he know what to do and when to do it.” the honest Purdy told SkySports after the fight.

“My game just wasn’t there tonight and the better man won on the night, whatever I did he did better. He knew when to tie me up when to move, he rid the storms and came back with good shots, he thought the perfect fight tonight.” added Purdy.

Lynes looks strong and fit at the higher weight class and under new coaches Jimmy and Mark Tibbs seems to have had a new lease of life. He gatecrashes a very healthy welterweight division and puts his name in the mix for some good fights ahead and a some decent paydays.

Lee Purdy vs Colin Lynes – Full fight video

By Chris Maylett

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