10th October 2012

The Truth behind the legendary father/Son partnership which dominated the Boxing World. 

Enzo Calzaghe: A
Fighting Life

Publication date: 18th October

“Enzo Calzaghe is a
boxing man through and through. He proved that a trainer and boxer relationship
between a father and son really does and can work. Along with training a host of
other champions, he will probably be remembered for training and producing
arguably Britain’s greatest ever boxer” – Ricky Hatton

“I owe everything
to my dad. My boxing style, my motivational style, everything about the success
I have had, is directly related to my dad.” – Joe

He is the genius behind the genius. With no previous
boxing experience, Enzo Calzaghe turned his son Joe into one of the top ten
boxers on the planet – a World Champion with a record of 46 unbeaten fights. Now
Enzo tells the extraordinary, behind-the-scenes story of his own flamboyant
career and the making of a fight legend in his autobiography, Enzo Calzaghe
– A Fighting Life
published next week.

But it’s much more than a
round-by-round tale of ropes and gloves, and grit and glory. For the first time
Enzo opens the family album and discloses intimate details of his bruising
upbringing in Sardinia, where the Mafia lurked on every corner and his father
practised ‘tough love’. Here Enzo candidly reveals all about:

    –    running with criminal gangs in

    –    taking drugs and sleeping
rough in Amsterdam;

    –    hitch-hiking and
busking across Europe;

    –    how he arrived
unceremoniously in England as a stowaway in a tomato boat;

–    stealing from his employers at the cafe he worked

    –    finding the love of his

    –    how both father and son suffered
at the hands of school bullies;

becoming a backing guitarist for stars such as Shirley Bassey and Bucks Fizz.

But just as the pop group he formed with his brothers was finally
getting noticed – with a record deal on the cards and a dream trip to America
planned – Enzo gave it all up to concentrate his efforts on training his young
son Joe to be a world-class boxer. 

Father and Son – Trainer and
They said it would never work. How could a father possibly put
aside feelings for his son and focus on getting the very best out of him as his

In the book, Enzo talks openly about the difficulties he faced,
most notably when he took the difficult decision to persuade Joe not to drop out
of the planned fight against Jeff Lacy – despite the fact Joe would have to
fight on with a broken wrist.

“You want to protect
your child, it’s instinctive. But my boy was going to fight a guy everyone said
was a monster. What sort of sadistic bastard of a father wouldn’t pull his kid
out of danger if that was what he wanted? But I stuck to my first instinct which
was that the fight had to go ahead.”

Not only does Enzo
Calzaghe – A Fighting Life
provide a unique insight into the father and son
relationship that conquered boxing, but also shows how the heart and
determination of one self-made man serves as an example for anyone who craves
success and is prepared to overcome near-impossible odds to achieve it. ‘I’m a
life fighter,’ he says. This book proves it.

“My message to you is
that Enzo Calzaghe is completely unique. He doesn’t conform to convention in any
way imaginable and he is consumed with enthusiasm for life … He is my hero.
He’s not just a great father or trainer even though he is both of those. He is
an inspirational person and I owe him everything.” – Joe Calzaghe says of Enzo
in his foreword to the book:

Diary Date: Thursday 18th October, 12 noon, Waterstones in
Book Launch and Signing with both Enzo and Joe

Enzo Calzaghe: A Fighting Life by Enzo Calzaghe with
Michael Pearlman published by Great Northern Books, 18th October 2012, £18.
Hardback, 288 pages, ISBN: 9781905080533. To order a copy phone 01274 735056 or
visit the website at www.greatnorthernbooks.co.uk

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