So David Haye will take on American fog horn Shannon Briggs later this year. Briggs will fight on Hayes undercard on May 21st at the O2 Arena and both have then planned to face each other when and if they win their respected fights.

On Friday, at the Charles MartinAnthony Joshua heavyweight championship weigh-in, Briggs went into character, shouting his, starting to get annoying chant of, ‘lets go champ’ and approached Haye, supposedly to ruffle his feathers (pull his hair) and badger him enough to accept a fight with him.

Now the fact that Briggs had already agreed to appear on the undercard of Haye’s next fight, tells us they have at some point sat down amicably prior and thrashed out a deal. Haye promotes himself and knows better than most how to add drama and controversy to sell a fight and Briggs fits the bad guy image perfectly for him to build a grudge battle to get the fans going.


The Haye press conference intrusion from Briggs a few days ago and the not so chance meeting at the weigh-in, were scenes that add interest, a back story and the drama to make the fight appealing to the casual. Many believe it was a staged act, make your own conclusion on that, but Haye is clever enough to see an opportunity and take it. Thats not to say it is a bad fight for either or it isn’t a fight the hardcore fan would watch, it’s just sometimes boxing can get a little bit WWE and for Briggs, the question is should he be fighting at all?

Briggs, 44, a native of New York, came over to the UK some weeks back looking to get some action on these shore, calling for fights against Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Haye etc. He has witnessed from his home across the pond, the recent renaissance of British heavyweight boxing and fare enough got himself over here, made some good contacts it seems, and in a shrewd move has iFLTV following his every act and spreading the word. Great PR and everyone interested in boxing knows Shannon the Cannon is here, if they haven’t seen him yet, surely they must have heard him.


Haye is on a comeback and looking to shake off the ring rust against opponents who are not necessary packing too much ring generalship and risk of derailing his plan of getting the big money title fights down the line. After nearly four years out of the ring, until his recent comeback in January, against Australian Mark De Mori, that is quite understandable.

Haye, 35, takes on Swiss based Kosovan Arnold Gjergjaj in his next fight, an unbeaten opponent with ambition, who will come to London to win. But the former cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion should have too much power and experience for the young rookie. –

But is Briggs a worthy, suitable or ethical opponent for the Haymaker to face after that?

No doubt Briggs is in tremendous shape, but he is not the fighter he once was! His defining moments in boxing will be remembered by fight fans for defeating George Foreman in a close world title eliminator in 1997, nineteen years ago and then going on to challenge Lennox Lewis for the world title the following year.

George Foreman vs Shannon Briggs (Fight Highlights)

In the fight with Lewis, Briggs then wearing a mass of blonde dreadlocks, lost the fight by 5th round KO, but showed massive heart and bravery to keep getting up after hitting the canvas three times before Lewis finished it.

Lennox Lewis vs Shannon Briggs Fight

Briggs came back from the Lewis defeat and went on to win the IBU? and WBO versions of the world title and then worked his way back up over the next twelve years to face the reigning linear champ Vitali Klitschko in 2010.

The tough Briggs took a sustained beating against the Ukranian for twelve rounds that night in Germany and his determination to not go down or be stopped, led to him being admitted to intensive care a swollen, bloodied, battered mess with a broken cheekbone, broken nose and a torn bicep.

Vitali Klitschko vs Shannon Briggs (Highlights)

Boxing held it’s breath while we heard news of his recovery. Most advised or expected him to retire and never box again after and he didn’t for nearly four years, until he made a comeback and entered into the ‘Lets go champ’ Tourette’s faze of his career in 2014 and chased then champion Wladimir Klitschko around the globe trying to goad him into a fight, it never materialised and since the heavyweight tide has now come west and resides mainly in the UK, Briggs has brought the band waggon here.

Since the loss to Klitschko he has had eight wins, but against a lower class opposition should we say. He craved a rematch with Klitschko, who said he refused to hit Briggs anymore after the last time and was genuinely worried for the Americans health.

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The fighter in the boxer always wants the buzz back that nothing else gives them like boxing does. For someone like Briggs he needs the limelight and the showman in him craves the stage to perform and be heard, and of course he is trying to secure his future financially. And in a free world who is anyone to tell anyone what they shouldn’t do? If Briggs has passed his medicals to box and apparently he has, then he will.

Apparently Briggs was depressed and in a dark place in the years after his loss to Klitschko, he started calling, ‘lets go champ’ and dragged his way out of it and boxing brought him back and helped him get over it and we wish him well.

It has been entertaining having you here Shannon, we hope you get what you want and return home safe and sound and a bob or two better off, but less of the ‘lets go champs’ please it’s getting on our reserved British nerves a bit now, we get the picture!


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