Boxing is easily the most popular combat sport in the world and one that entertains in a way few other sporting events can match. These brutal one-on-one competitions have been attracting the attention of bookmakers and sporting fans ever since boxing gained a legitimate stature as a sport.

Boxing’s popularity is big at the moment and the sport is enjoying a strong resurgence and it is this increase in interest that has boosted the sport’s wagering volume as of late.

Indeed, with so many weight classes and styles of fighting, betting on boxing poses both as a profitable and exciting venture. However, there are several things one must take into consideration before making a punt on a boxing match and our friends from have list them all below.

The Boxers’ Previous Fight Record

Before you place a bet on a boxing fight, you must make sure you have done your homework and have familiarized yourself with both contenders’ results in the previous three or four fights. Some things to consider include how the contenders have fared against their adversaries in previous bouts at this level, in which round the match has ended and how. Many online bookmakers would offer comprehensive statistics on boxers’ performance so the last thing you can complain of is lack of information.

The Betting Types Available for Boxing

It makes sense that before you make a punt on a boxing fight, you should make certain you understand the different types of wagers available for this sport. There are different ways to wager on boxing, the most popular of which is bout betting when you are wagering on who you think would win the competition outright. Draws are also offered as an option but the odds for this outcome are usually rather long because it occurs rarely.

Over/Under betting is also quite popular among boxing punters, who try to predict whether the match will end in fewer or more than the allocated number of rounds.

The method of victory is another popular market where punters bet on how they believe the outcome is to be decided, with some of the options being disqualification, straight or technical decisions.

Round bets are more difficult to predict since punters are expected to guess in which round exactly the winner will prevail.

Fights to go the distance are another advanced bet type which requires more preparation on your behalf because you are wagering on whether or not the match will continue for all twelve rounds.

Value Bets

It is of essential importance for punters to find bets that offer them sufficient value as this is the only way to enjoy long-term profitability. In fact, this is the only bet to place when wagering on boxing or any other sport. What this means is punters must find a bet whose outcome they believe has a higher probability of occurring than the odds the bookmaker has posted suggest.

One way to achieve this is by registering at several online sportsbooks. This would help you draw comparisons so that you can bank on the bookie that offers you the most generous odds for a particular bet. Why back a favorite at odds of -200 when another sportsbook offers you more value with odds of -100 for the same fighter? So look around and find the best lines for the matches you are interested in.

The Boxer’s Style of Fighting

Another factor to consider before backing a boxer is their style of fighting. Ask any experienced punter out there and they will confirm that fighting styles can cause huge swings in the outcomes of boxing matches.

We can distinguish between several types of boxers like southpaws like Tiger Flowers, swarmers like Ricky Hatton, out-boxers like Ali, switch-hitters like Tyson Fury, sluggers like George Foreman and counter-punchers like Vitali Klitschko. Take into consideration the styles of both contenders before you back someone. Do some research if possible to inform yourself on which styles boxers excel at and which ones they struggle against.

The Boxer’s Prime

One thing to consider prior to making a boxing bet is how close a given fighter is to their prime. Some of the factors you need to take into account include how long a boxer has been competing, the number of challenging bouts they have had and have they sustained any serious injuries. It is important not to forget that experience can be a double-edged sword when it comes to boxing. Too much experience may be a major detriment for a boxer because it translates into more wear and tear. On the other hand, a “green” boxer is more likely to get defeated by seasoned champions.


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