19th February 2012

We were at the Vitali Klitschko
vs Dereck Chisora WBC world heavyweight title fight in Munich Germany, but didn’t expect to also see an Haye vs
Chisora fight after the main event!

Chisora left his presser seat and confronted Haye, after an exchange of words. Haye then
appears to strike Chisora, as they come face to face. The pair get into a brawl and fall to the

Haye then gets into a fist fight with Don Charles, Chisora’s coach,
and they trade heavy blows. – Haye picks up a camera tripod and
launches it at Charles. The tripod strikes Hayes own coach Adam Booth, which likely caused the cut to his head.

Tell David we can do it inside or outside the ring. You let me know how you want to do this, because I want him. If David doesn’t fight me, this is God’s honest truth, I’m going to physically burn him. You tell him I said that. You make sure. I’m going to find him.”  – Chisora to Adam Booth

Peace was
eventually brought to this charade, which incidentally was not a great
advert for British Boxing. – But a fight between Haye and Chisora has
suddenly become the one people will want to see, hopefully in the ring
though. – Although Chisora promised to shoot Haye and burn him, settling
their differences in the ring, will hopefully be the option they take.

Video Includes aftermath, including… Booth and Chisora vent their spleen, and Wladimir Klitschko gives his take on the events that just took place in front of him, in an interview afterwards.

The full press conference here.

Watch the unexpected events unfold on the above video and make your own minds up?

By Chris Maylett


  • Anonymous

    Totally set up.

  • Anonymous

    true two British gentlemen

  • Anonymous

    Oh how embarrassing why is it always British boxers making fools out of themselves you rarely see American, European or Irish fighters mouthing off or slapping someone in pre fight press conferences now this in the post fight conference. British boxers have no respect for anyone look at the klitschko brothers they are so respectful of their opponents.

  • British Boxers are a big disappointment for the boxing sport!

  • Haye was the fighter more like Lennox Lewis. Chisora ​​no chance. Chisora ​​in a fighter dirty, filthy, he thinks it is something in the boxing world. He wants to win intimidation. This does not work with good, experienced fighters. Haye would finish it in two rounds.

  • Anonymous

    Not good for the sport

  • Anonymous

    Absolute disgrace. Both men have to be held to account for their actions by the German Police and Boxing Board of control. What sort of message does that incident protray to the young people in society?

  • Anonymous

    What do you expect from two thugs? Haye promotes the illegal state of norhtern Cyprus that was built on rape and war crimes, and Chisora is a street criminal that batters his girlfriend. No class, no respect, just hoodlums