8th June 2012

British boxing legend Joe Calzaghe who retired unbeaten with a record of 46-0 talks to Ciaran Gibbons about the highlight of his career and what he misses and doesn’t miss about boxing.

Calzaghe also reveals that the toughest fight of his career was against Chris Eubank, when he beat ‘Simply the Best’ to win his first world title, the WBO. ‘He was such a tough guy’ – Asked who would win in a fight with him and the new Welsh boxing hero Nathan Cleverly, Calzaghe responds by saying, ‘There’s only one Calzaghe man’
  • Anonymous

    What about the lucky decision he had against Robin Reid? would have been intresting if Eubank had a proper training camp for that fight & not less than 2 weeks after coming out of retirement

  • Anonymous

    whether you like him or not he beat everybody that was put in front of him. Its no good saying eubank didnt have a proper training camp? or a lucky decision against reid or he fought roy jones and bernard hopkins at the fag end of their careers he beat them all…. how would he have done aginst the likes of hagler, leonard hearns and duran? we’ll never know or benn and watson in their prime ? doesnt matter he beat who he had to at the time and can boast an unblemished record…