Luke Campbell
   European Amateur Champion, Luke Campbell 

The British amateur boxing association has named the 21 man Boxing team, who will compete for chance to represent Great Britain at the London 2012 Olympic games.

The boxers are split in two squad groups, the podium squad and the development Squad. see the lists below.
The podium squad includes Beijing Olympians Bradley Saunders and Khalid Yafai, and also the promising European Champion Luke Campbell.
The squads will be cut down to 10 over the next two-and-a-half years ahead of the 2012 Olympics.
Although the list may be added to by now and the London games, it is more than likely that the 10 boxers will come from the current 21 named.
The man with the decision of who goes will be the new Baba’s performance director, former British and Commonwealth Middleweight champion Robert McCracken.
McCracken, who was appointed to his role in November, added: “At this stage I am keen to have a larger podium squad than has traditionally been the case as I want to maintain a competitive environment and do not want it to feel like an exclusive group.
“I want the established team members to know they have to keep improving to maintain their places and the up-and-coming boxers to feel they have something to aim for and know they have the opportunity to be part of the 2012 team if they apply themselves, train hard and do well in competitions.
“The same applies to any other talented boxers out there. I am very happy with the squad we have but this is not a closed shop and if someone performs well in competition and shows they have the ability and dedication to make the grade they can force their way in.”

Podium squad:

Khalid Yafai, Flyweight (51 Kg), Birmingham, England (pictured right)
Daniel Chapman Flyweight (51 Kg), Blaengwyfi, Wales
Andrew Selby, Bantamweight (54Kg) Barry, Wales
Gamal Yafai* Bantamweight (54Kg), Birmingham, England
Leigh Woods, Bantamweight (54Kg), Nottingham, England
Luke Campbell, Featherweight (57Kg), Hull, England
Martin Ward, Featherweight (57 Kg), Romford, England

Iain Weaver, Featherweight (57Kg), Ferndown, England
Daniel Philips, Lightweight (60Kg), Middlesbrough, England
Thomas Stalker, Lightweight (60Kg), Liverpool, England
Bradley Saunders, Light-welterweight (64Kg), Stkton-on Tees, England (pictured right)
Scott Cardle, Light-welterweight (64Kg), Lytham, England
Lewis Rees, Light-welterweight (64Kg), Rhondda, Wales
Callum Smith*, Welterweight (69Kg), Liverpool, England
Frank Buglioni*, Middleweight (75Kg), London, England
Antony Ogogo*, Middleweight (75Kg), Lowestoft, England
Obed Mbwakango, Light-heavyweight (81 Kg), London, England (pictured right)
Warren Baister, Heavyweight (91Kg), Sunderland, England
Stephen Simmons, Heavyweight (91Kg), Edinburgh, Scotland
Simon Vallily, Heavyweight (91Kg), Middlesbrough, England
Fraser Clarke, Super-heavyweight (91Kg+) Burton, England 

* = 3 month trial
The Development Squad:
Charlie Edwards, Light-flyweight (48Kg), Croydon, England
Thomas Stubbs, Flyweight (51 Kg), Oldham, England
James Dickens, Flyweight (51 Kg), Liverpool, England
Zack Davies, Flyweight (51 Kg), Llanelli, Wales (pictured right)

John Quigley, Featherweight (57Kg), Liverpool, England
Antonio Coulihan, Lightweight (60Kg), Birmingham, England
Fred Evans, (Light) Welterweight (64-69Kg) Cardiff, Wales
Ryan Aston, Welterweight/Middleweight (69-75Kg), Dudley, England
Declan Fusco, Light-heavyweight (81 Kg), Durham, England (pictured right)
Karl Kirkham, Light-heavyweight (81 Kg), Blackpool, England
Amin Isa, Super-heavyweight (91Kg+) London, England.

Video . Robert McCracken Speaks to Steve Bunce about his choices for the 2012 Olympic Boxing Squad.

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