Mick Leahy British Middle Weight Champion
He gave them the toughest fights they ever had”
Mick Leahy the former Cork born fighter who became the first Irish born British Middleweight champion was laid to rest on January 19th in Coventry with former champion friends attending to say a fond farewell to their lost friend.
Former British & Commonwealth Champions Bunny Johnson, Danny McAlinden and Jack Bodell along with past champions such as British Middleweight Champion Bobby Arthur, Four weight Midlands champion Brian Cartwright all gave fantastic tributes to their friend and said it was so sad Mick had lost his life when he gave the world so much.
Hundreds attended the Our Lady of Assumption church in Coventry to pay their final respects to the fallen champion and also to offer their love and friendship to the loving family he has left behind.
Mick who passed away at christmas time was in bad health for some time and after an operation to help him improve his situation went well Mick’s health didnt and after he caught a chest infection he could not fight, he sadly passed away with his loving wife Theresa at his side.
It has been reported that Mick died of Alzheimers disease but this is not so. Mick died of Bronchial Pneumoat the age of 73.
The service targeted on Mick’s Life in and out of the ring, his boyhood close friendship with Randolph Turpin, the former World champion from Lemmington and how much he needed his family to be happy. Micks life was for his family alone and all he achived was to make his wife and children warm and loving people, which is what they are.
Every body that knew Mick never had a bad word to say about him in any way, all agreed he was a man who needed other people to be happy, and done what he could to make this happen. 
Many other former fighing friends of Micks such as Jackie Turpin, Dick Richards, Tony Riley, Peter Boddington, Peter Healy, Larry Parks all attended with former aba fighters from all over offered their fond memories to the Leahy family.
The former Irish unlicensed Cruiserweight champion Jason Lowe said “Mick was a positive person to all that met him, He offered boxing so much and still pushed to give it extra.”
There should be without question, a statue monument erected in Coventry to show  all how proud and thankfull they are to Mick’s boxing life. Jason interviewed Mick for the Irish Harp newspaper some years back and stayed a friend to the family.
Just last year he and Danny McAlinden visited Mick in his care home and cryed when they left.
Mick leaves behind a widow, five children, grandchildren and 1 great grand daughter.

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