‘In the Ring with’ Kevin Morris aka Henry Armstrong

Kevin When and how did you get into boxing?
I was a Thai boxing champ and a pro boxing manager came in the gym one day and signed us up to go into pro boxing
What was your first gym and trainer?
For boxing it was Charlie Atkinson over in Kirkby, he was training Paul hodkinson and Sot Chitlada, both world champs at the time..
Amateur record? Pro Record?
Pro Record: 28, 23w 5L (Kevin didn’t box as an amateur)
Toughest oppoinent you faced?
Gary Deroux
Toughest Part of being a boxer?
not getting opportunities.
Who do you wish you had fought?
Steve Robinson for his world title.
Best fight you have seen?
Gatti vs Ward 1. Hamed vs Kelly. Benn Eubank and a few more…
Dream Fight? who v who?
Tyson Vs Marciano, Ray Robinson Vs Ray Leonard.
Childhood Hero?
Bruce Lee.
Favorate all time boxer, World and British?
Ray Leonard, Joe Calzaghe
Favorate current fighter World and British?
Floyd Mayweather, Nathan Cleverly.
What do you do now you are not Boxing?
Run a community project/ gym n pro trainer.
Which British Boxers should we look out for?
Nathan Cleverly, Amir Khan.. John Murray.
Your Motivation?
to help people achieve their desired goals.
What would you change in Boxing?
promotion and sponsorship of young fighters and see the emergence of a ‘novice’ semi pro circuit run by the bbbc. i think the country would breed a new band of fighters.
What music do you listen too?
hip hop bouncy house rnb reggee music
Last book you read?
Peter and Jane.
Favorate films?
House Party 1
Who would play you in a movie of your life?
Wesley Snipes
Favorate Meal?
Chicken n Rice
Best Holiday destination?

What other sports do you watch?
Football, UFC
Best friend in Boxing?
all the ‘old school at Champs Camp.
Which 3 people would you be stranded on a desert island with?
Debbie Allman (girlfriend) Nigella Lawson can cook and Raquel Welsh

Tell us a secret about you?
i am scared of dead cats
Who is the greatest British Boxer of all time?
Joe Calzaghe…

Quick Fire Questions:
Boxing or MMA/UFC? boxing
Haye or Lewis? Lewis
Eubank or Benn? Eubank
Hatton or Khan? khan
Heavyweight or Middleweight? both
Mayweather or Paquiao? mayweather
Jab or Uppercut? jab
City? Manchester
Food? chicken n rice
Drink? fizzy grape drink
Country? Great Britain
Animal? Tiger
Website? British Boxers www.britishboxers.co.uk
One thing you cant live without? money
Favorate Quote? excellence has no gender
Best gift you have ever been given?
my 1st bike. had to share it with my brothers, and a one armed Bionic man I got from Banardos when I was 5, we were really poor when I was a kid.
What does your future hold?
I want to tell my story because i think people will find it interesting.

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