14th October 2011

Kell Brook signs the Glove you can win
Kell Brook is now one step closer to the WBA world title after beating Poland’s Rafal Jackiewicz last Saturday night.
To celebrate, Scotts Menswear is offering fans the opportunity to win one signed glove from Special K himself, the brand ambassador for Scotts.
The Sheffield-born fighter is on top of the world with a faultless record of 25 wins and is the face of Scotts’ newest advertising campaign to highlight the excellent brands and product available to men who also want to look and feel like a true champion.
Asked about what he sees as his biggest future challenges, the 25-year-old star said: “Whoever has that world title belt, they’re not gonna give it me and I’m gonna take it off them. It’s gonna be one hell of a fight so I think that will be the biggest challenge.”
The new scotts Outfitter featuring Kell Brook boasts quality and masculine designs not unlike Kell, and includes top brands like Lacoste, Adidas Originals, Denham, Pretty Green, EA7, Fred Perry and The Duffer of St. George to name just a few.
Like all athletes, Brook knows how important it is to keep his eye on the prize; his fans will undoubtedly be keeping their eyes on this fantastic prize, too: a glove signed by the man himself.
Participants are required to answer a question that will be revealed on the website at scottsmenswear.com/competitions within the next few days, with a closing date for the receipt of entries on November 11th, 2011.
Alan Hodgkiss, managing director for scotts Menswear, commented: “We are proud to announce Kell Brook as the face of our new campaign. This extraordinarily talented boxer personifies our brand: gritty, masculine style for men who know what they want.
Interview with Kell Brook
Do you have a sporting hero that inspired you to get into boxing?
In boxing it would be old tapes of Muhammad Ali he was the man, Eubank and Benn when they was coming through, Naz was my hero and Ryan Rhodes, I used to watch them in the gym and think, yeah I want to be like them when I’d see the cameras come in, I’ll be like that if I keep at it

What gym do you box out of and who’s your trainer?

Brendan Ingle’s Winkcobank Gym, Dominic Ingle is my trainer and has been for a couple of years now

Which fight have you ever watched or been involved in that had the biggest impact on you and been the most memorable?
Naz when he boxed Kevin Kelly in Vegas, we were watching it pay per view and it was an unbelievable fight, one of the first big fights I watched

What do you think will be the biggest challenge of your career?
Who ever has that world title belt, they’re not gonna give it me and I’m gonna take it of them, it’s gonna be one hell of a fight so I think that will be the biggest challenge

What do you have to give up during training?
Palling about with me mates, staying up late and when it come close to the fight keeping my missus at arms length, those kind of things that people take for granted, I have to limit them, all part of the dedication

After the fight you normally take a break, any plans this time?

I’m looking to go to Italy, it’s not finalised yet but I want to stay in Europe this time

What are your favorite brands?
Adidas, their one of my top brands, I’ve just signed a deal with them so

Did they manage to get any Olympic tickets?
They haven’t, they’re like gold dust

What is the most expensive item of clothing you have bought?
It was when I went to Selfridges in London and a got a Alexandra McQueen jacket that was touching a thousand, I just had to have this jacket cos I fell in love with it, I was I bit younger but I’ve still got it
What kind of music do you listen to?
When I’m in training I like to listen to classical in the car to mellow me out, like the calm before the storm, when I get into the gym its heavy rap to get you in the zone
What’s your favorite song?
Ain’t no stopping us now

Whats your favorite film?
Scar Face, it’s a classic
Owls or Blades?
Blades mate, I was brought up with them

Cheryl or Tulisa


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