Michael Gomez is a name that any British boxing fan would, or should know, a name that delivered excitement and unpredictability every time the man who wore the sombrero stepped into a boxing ring. Gomez has long since retired from the sport but now there is a Jnr. following in his well worn boots and hoping to re-create the buzz that surrounded his father but ultimately the ring success he achieved and more.

Michael Gomez Jnr. says he and his dad don’t talk much about boxing when they are together but Jnr is well aware of the impact his dad had on British boxing and is proud of his dad but will look to cut out his own niche and become a success in his own right.

A busy amateur Gomez Jnr always wanted to be a professional and last year that dream was realised when he had his first fight in July 2014 at the Manchester Arena MEN, the same place his dad had many great nights including winning the WBU world super-featherweight title in 2004. He fought again in October but since then has found himself inactive. But after recently teaming up with Pat Barrett and Black Flash Promotions, Gomez is now set for a busy rest of the year starting on May 30th at the Middleton Arena in Manchester. We caught up with Gomez Jnr for 49 Questions.

  1. Name? Michael Gomez Jnr.
  2. Nickname? Gomez
  3. Record? 2-0, 1KO
  4. Weight? Super-bantamweight
  5. Born? Manchester
  6. DOB? 21/12 /94
  7. Where are you From/live:? Moston, Manchester
  8. Favourite current boxer? Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez
  9. Favourite all time boxer? Would have to go with my favourite now Canelo
  10. Favourite all time fight? Mickey Ward vs Arturo Gatti 1
  11. Why do you box? I love having a war don’t no better feeling in my opinion
  12. How did you start boxing? Just went with one of my pals from school
  13. Who influenced you at the start? Nobody I never really fort about boxing I just went with my mate from school but never intended on it going anywhere
  14. What amateur clubs did you box for? Northside ABC ,Bridgewater ABC ,FOX ABC and trained at a couple different gyms in Manchester
  15. What do you recall of your amateur career? I lost about 14 -15 out of 50 didn’t like the way the amateur style was and think the judging in amateur boxing is very poor
  16. Why did you decide to turn pro? Just had no interest in staying amateur any longer
  17. How would you say your professional career has gone to date? Not very we’ll been pro a year and only box twice which isn’t great for someone starting out but hoping to kick on from now
  18. What are you capable of achieving in boxing? I believe I have the ability to go a long way in boxing own day I could become a world champion
  19. Who are the people who will help you achieve your goals? My coaches and my team mates at the gym and also myself
  20. What’s your training schedule? Which parts do you most and least enjoy? I train in the morning at gym and then I do my running at a night time and twice a week I like to go for a swim, I like all of it.
  21. Describe your style? What are your best qualities? I’m a come forward boxer I like to get inside and work my upper cuts and body shots
  22. What is your routine on fight night? I don’t really have one I just stay lay back and get ready to fight
  23. What ring walk music do you use? I use the same song my dad used to have not to sure if the name but it’s like a Mexican type song
  24. Do you like to take part or watch other sports? I used to be a good football player play for city as a kid and I still play now and then with my mates at 6Aside
  25. Who is the toughest opponent you have faced amateur or pro? Wouldn’t really say iv box anyone tough yet so hopefully I will get someone in the near future.
  26. Who is the best you have sparred with? I spar a lot of good fighter up and coming and world champions had some great spars with Paul Butler.
  27. What is the best venue you have boxed at? I’ve boxed at box the MEN ARENA and the ECHO ARENA both great Venues.
  28. What All British boxing matches would you most like to see made? Scott Quigg v Carl Frampton, James DeGale v George Groves 2, Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury
  29. If you could be at just one of the above fights which one would it be? I’d have to say Quigg v Frampton that fight would end up being a war at some point and I wouldn’t expect it to go 12 rounds.
  30. Which current British boxer do you feel can become a global star in the next few years? James DeGale has the ability to be great or Callum Smith is also class
  31. If you wasn’t a boxer what would you like to be? I’d still be into football maybe but I’m not fully sure never really fort about it.
  32. Family life and background? My dad used to be a British and world champion
  33. Best friends in boxing? I don’t really have any but I’d say I’m starting to get a bond with all the lads at the Moston and Collyhurst gym where I’m training at now, they all top up and coming fighters.
  34. When you are not boxing what do you do to relax? Play football or just do something around sport
  35. Favourite Holiday destination? Not really got one but I wouldn’t mind going to Las Vegas soon
  36. Favourite TV programs? Haven’t got one but I don’t mind a bit of Corrie when I’m training for a fight
  37. Film? Bad Boys II is a class film
  38. Music? Not really into a type of music I’m into all sorts
  39. Food?  Everyone loves a Maccies don’t they?
  40. Gadget? phone
  41. Website/App? I like to watch stuff YouTube sometimes
  42. Book? I don’t have a favourite book
  43. Football team? I’m a massive Manchester city fan
  44. Something no one knows about you? I’ve got massive arms but people don’t seem to see them
  45. Motto? Train hard fight easy
  46. When is your Next fight, where and who is it against? I’m boxing May 30th at Middleton Arena. Details
  47. Is there anyone who you really, really would like to fight this year? Not really, I would fight anyone.
  48. How can fans get in touch with you for Tickets? @gomezjnr
  49. Current Topic – Mayweather-Pacquaio? Your view? It was a one sided fight, Mayweather was just too clever, too fast and Pacman should now call it a day, He has slowed down a lot and his best skill was foot and hand speed.

Michael Gomez Jnr’s Next Fight – May 30th Manchester

Michael Gomez Jnr May 30

Pics from Gomez Jnr’s Pro debut

By Al Stevenson

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