One thing 19-year-old rookie pro Conor Benn proved on Saturday night in Scotland against Luke ‘The Nuke’ Keleher in a 4-round points victory, is that he has the heart and courage for a scrap and like his dad Nigel, doesn’t appear to have a reverse gear. watch the fight above

Another plus is that he is very well conditioned and has lots of natural stamina, he needs to if he is to continue fighting at the pace he has up to now in his first two fights.

As much as there were the positives, young Benn has a long way to go, but the signs are very good indeed and boxing fans are going to look forward to and enjoy the Conor Benn ride. 

What Benn will realise after his barnstormer with Halifax hard man Keleher, is that not every opponent will fold after the first few hard shots. Benn will be more effective with his power, and start to get the showcase KO’s when he times the shots better, rather than loading up, rushing and smoothering his work, but that will come.

To be fair to Keeler, it was he who came out swinging and Benn returned fire with fire. He took some solid flush shots from Benn, particular a viscous left uppercut in the opening round and many may have folded under the onslaught that followed but he stayed in there and caught Benn with some good shots of his own.

The fight will have done Benn a lot of good in his professional education and this rough diamond could well be polished into the genuine article in the coming years.

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