Self proclaimed ‘Britain’s worst boxer’, Robin Deakin has never known what unbeaten professional success feels like. However, nobody can say that he failed in life because he has risen against a fair share of adversities. Most best UK slots gamers might not notice but Deakin wasn’t just anybody and his story isn’t over yet! 

His career consisted of 55 pro fights over a span of 12 years, out of which he only won 2. The 53 losses are the reason the British Boxing Board Of Control revoked his license 6 years ago, said to be worried about his health.

He did have two more fights after that in Spain under a different governing body, but recently called time on his gloved career after announcing his retirement, but has since revealed we will be seeing him step through the ropes again soon!

Robin Deakin hangs up his gloves


In our exclusive interview with Deakin, he revealed that although his boxing career is now over, it will not be the last time we see him in a ring! On September 8th at the O2 Arena in London he will make his debut as a bare knuckle fighter, when he takes on Wales’ Connor McIntosh on a BKB show.

“I didn’t want to retire from boxing if I’m honest, but life is about enjoying what you do and learning from it.” Deakin told British Boxers.

“Boxing was costing me a lot of money and I was not earning enough to live on. Only having 3 fights in 7 years I was earning more money calling out Rio Ferdinand and Justin Bieber on Twitter than I was fighting.

“So I wanted the attention when I retired so I did it as I was going through problems with my girlfriend at the time so I retired. But I didn’t think it would make the impact it did on the same week AJ was fighting Parker, but I made every paper and even made ITV news and it made me money, so It made sense.

“It’s ok being a world champ, yes AJ is a great fighter but I’m Britain’s worst boxer with more character than Donald Duck, that’s why I’m known and spoke about. You get fighters like Curtis Woodhouse yes he’s a legend what he’s done but he retired and is already forgotten about in boxing, I had 3 fights in 7 years and still spoke about now.”

Deakin was born with a disability in both feet, and it took a lot of time to cure it. In fact, he could not even walk till he had turned six. He had club feet, and the left foot was the worse of the two. Deakin underwent a large number of operations as a young child because he wanted to fight instead of giving up. He lost out on valuable school time because of the numerous operations and surgeries, which ultimately restricted his boxing career.

He did make a winning start to his career, defeating Shaun Walton at the York Hall on his professional debut in 2006. Things went downhill from there because he lost 50 fights one after the other over the next decade and only twice ever had a proper training camp for his fights.

“For my debut and my second win when I trained at Jennings gym with Mike and Dave Jennings I did have a proper full training camp, but other than that no I never did.” said Deakin,

“I don’t regret it but I just wish I’d had normal feet because I believe I could of at least won a British title. But I don’t regret not training I’m a tough c**t and I will take anything. If its your time to go, you go, whether it’s in boxing or going out and getting stabbed in the neck like what happened to me. In life you take risks boxing is my risk but it’s just not my time

One might wonder why Deakin took up boxing in spite of his physical limitations. For him, the sport was a way to build his confidence. He wanted to recover from the years of bullying that he had faced because of his disability. Boxing helped him strengthen his legs and support them better.

Being labeled ‘Britain’s worst boxer’ was a label he bestowed on himself and it appears he has had issues with former pro boxer Curtis Woodhouse, who he brings up twice in our interview.

“The funny thing is I labeled myself ‘Britain’s worst boxer! Deakin explained.

“You’re only ever going to know the best and the worst, no one will take Mayweather’s legacy, so I made my own legacy. I made history in boxing having the longest losing streak in pro boxing, 9 years.

“There are fighters out there worse than me. Mayweather has a tag TMT my tag is BWB for Britain’s worst boxer. Anything Mayweather can do I’ll do the same and make an impact.

“We all remember Eddie The Eagle. Well I’m The Eddie The Eagle of boxing.”

“People are jealous, I said I wanted to make an impression in boxing, I think I have done that. Then you get former British champ Curtis Woodhouse trolling me, but the guy cried on TV after someone trolled him. Deakin then reveals how upset he was when he received Tweets from Woodhouse. “Listen I was born with my feet backwards! l have club feet and Curtis Woodhouse trolled me, saying ‘Clubber Lang’ because of it. But if I was racist or something and called him I would get abuse, so what’s the difference?”

We asked Deakin about his proposed Bare Knuckle fight debut and why he has chosen to now seek a career in it? “I was approached to do it. The BKB is a very professional setup.” said Deakin.

“You need to pass the same medical exams as a pro boxer does so it’s all well organised. I don’t know how I will get on overall, you can never tell. I just have to give it my all and I feel i’ll do ok. In fact, I think if I do train properly ill do better in bare knuckle that than I did in pro boxing!”

“In my debut, I’m fighting Connor McIntosh. I don’t know nothing about him, but in boxing I fought the best so nothing bothers me. I’m not fazed nothing is going to be as good as I have been in with in boxing.

“Listen I’m Britain’s worst boxer, I’m expected to lose. No pressure on me. There’s loads on him when he’s in there and he will soon realise, I’m a lot better than the worst. No pressure for Rocking Robin I’m going to enjoy it and flow!”

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