You know we wait 100 years for one and then, a couple come along at once, Frank Bruno eventually won it by defeating Oliver McCall in an unforgettable night at Wembley Stadium. and in Lennox Lewis we had a Heavyweight Champion who will go down as one of the most successful and gifted of all time.

So forward to 2009 and come November Britain may have another. But has David Haye took the correct fight, and route to becoming Britain’s latest Heavyweight Champion? Well by the looks of it, he has financially, as far has his future earnings and freedom of contract are concerned. But as far has the fight against “The Beast from the East” that is Nikolai Valuev. Is this an easier fight than the binding “slave contract” fight against Vitali Klitschko?

It certainly is! Even without the name sake, this is a David and Goliath bout, but then again most of Valuev’s fights are. The fact that Haye is moving up a weight to face the tallest and heaviest heavyweight champion of all time, in itself is a difference.

Evander Holyfield was dwarfed by Valuev, but could punch him with relevant ease, and although the big man didn’t ever look like going, and eventually won a close decision, many respected people in the game thought Holyfield should have won, certainly Evander did, who was by then a shadow of the fighting machine of the past.

David Haye has a fantastic chance to be crowned world champion here. At 7ft 2 inches and 23 stone, it’s fair to say, the Beast isn’t the most mobile of heavyweight champions, in fact he makes George Forman look light on his feet!

What Valuev does have though is fast hands. Where Haye can win this fight is by being faster, which he undoubtedly is. He has to find his range early and beat Valuev to the punch, quick combinations and move. If David does find the range and his punches are landing, I feel a pot shot strategy would then test David’s power at heavyweight, he will certainly land, and he can certainly hit.

The question marks though in Haye are that he is suspect around the chin! and has tired notably after the half way stage in fights, having said that he pulled it out of the bag late, against Jean-Marc Mormeck and took the Frenchman’s WBC and WBA world cruiserweight titles in Paris, but against a Hugh heavyweight like Valuev with him leaning on Haye, it will take a lot out of him, he doesn’t want the big man anywhere near him.

Valuev has yet to be knocked down in his 16-year professional career and has lost once in 50 fights.

The announcement ends speculation about Haye’s next opponent, after reports that he had agreed a bout with Vitali Klitschko.

“I am thrilled to announce that my dream of becoming world heavyweight champion will be realised on November 7, when I challenge the tallest and heaviest champion of all time, Nikolai Valuev,” Haye said.

“David only needed a slingshot and a stone to flatten Goliath, and I’m convinced my right hand generates more power than a stone.

“When I dreamt about fighting for the heavyweight world title I knew the guy would be big, but not this big. It’s a tall order but I am confident in my ability.”

Haye, who has lost one of his 22 professional fights, said he expected the fight to take place in Germany.

“Valuev’s known as The Beast From The East and there’s a reason he’s got that nickname – he’s a big, ugly, sweaty and hairy man from the Eastern Bloc,” Haye added.

“I can’t wait to step into the ring and prove that size doesn’t matter. Mark my words: I will be the first man to knock Nikolai Valuev out.”

Haye is a breath of fresh air for the heavyweight mix that, and let us make no bones about it, “A boring, boring heavyweight division” but that’s another article. You either love Haye or you hate him, his confident approach and sometimes cockiness doesn’t go down well with some, but a boxer has to have 100% confident in themselves and total and utter belief in themselves, that is what separates the champions from the contenders, a tunnel vision of belief, and stubbornness, to come back against adversity, you never saw Mike Tyson saying he would do his best and may the best man win.

Haye comes to fight and brings a excitement. His sometimes kamikaze tactics, and hit or be hit style, give him a vulnerability that fans want to watch. Haye has made it clear he will fight anybody. You know we wait 100 years for one and then, a couple come along at once, Frank Bruno eventually won it by defeating Oliver McCall in an unforgettable night at Wembley Stadium. and in Lennox Lewis we had a Heavyweight Champion who will go down as one of the most successful and gifted of all time.

Haye the former undisputed cruiserweight champion has a better chance than if he had fought Vitali Klischko to claim a version of the heavyweight title, that is almost monopolised by the Klitschko brothers. Vitali is the better of the two. He has a bigger punch and a solid chin, and lets not forget, he was giving Lennox Lewis a few problems and shook him up a couple of times, before being stopped on a bad cut. So all taken into account, If Haye is to fulfill his dream of winning a world heavyweight title, then Valuev is the better chance and I see him winning this fight on points, with a few scares along the way, but proving that history will repeat itself and David’s stones will once again bring down Goliath

By Chris Maylett

What the Experts and fans are saying about the fight….

“Haye is not a big heavyweight, the Klitschkos dwarf him, never mind this fella. But the money and fame is at heavyweight, but this is a better fight for him than Klitschko, Valuev is very hittable. He is like a heavy bag, he cant get out of the way”
Barry Mcguigan

“Haye should win this comfortably, I really don’t see Valuev being able to cope with Haye’s movement and speed. If he he doesn’t stop him he’ll win this on points.”

The one problem that Haye has now is how to deal with the huge seven foot size of Valuev. Then 6’3” Haye will have to find a way in close enough proximity that he isn’t mauled by the huge Russian bear. Although not much of a puncher, Valuev’s sheer size may be enough on it’s own to cause nightmares for Haye.

“Another thing that is overlooked is that Valuev has great stamina for a fighter his size, whereas in contrast Haye tends to wear down and fade late in his fights. If Haye wears down against Valuev like he did in his 5th round stoppage loss against Carl Thompson in September 2004, then Valuev may be able to take Haye out with one of his clubbing right hands” Chris Williams

“I hope I’m wrong but I can see Valuev winning this by KO or TKO. Haye seems to already be looking past him. This is a massive step up for Haye. Valuev has many critics and does look good, but a record of 50 fights with only one defeat on points suggests he does alot right.” KO Power Web

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